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Ebola Causes Outbreak Of Fear, Panic & Obama-Hating At Fox News | Ebola Videos

Ebola Causes Outbreak Of Fear, Panic & Obama-Hating At Fox News

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“Yes, Ebola has come to the United States, but, for better or worse, President Obama actually didn’t have anything to do with it. Still, the conservative imp…

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Cass hern says:

Alex Jones says it could be airborne

Fashion Earrings says:

Reza Aslan ???????? What’s with this campaign in elevating Reza Asian to
rock star status??? It’s becoming unbearable now. How about Richard
Dawkins? I never see you mentioning him anywhere.. 

Starre LaBell says:

The Young Turks are cogs in the wheel of deception:
Stating that Ebola is only caught from having sex is an outright lie. It’s
very contagious; people vomit, have diarrhea, and bleed from their eyes and
nose. It’s an agonizing death.

Ebola Causes Outbreak Of Fear, Panic & Obama-Hati…:

John I says:

I guess those Canadian studies (where it WAS airborne) just don’t matter,
right? Sheeple

electriccerix says:

Fox News doesn’t have any actual facts and they have a hard time accepting
them from credible sources…. they don’t trust science and somehow think
this is Obama’s fault (hashtag Benghazi).

+Joey Marlin II – you’re mistaking severity with how contagious it is.
Ebola and Aids are very dangerous but they aren’t pandemic candidates since
they aren’t airborne. 

Bob Thomas says:

Blame the airlines for Ebola!

bsgtrekfan88 says:

Well…better stock up on supplies and save all the Internets…so I can
survive in the post- Apocalyptic – world. GOD the media is frigging
stupid. No Ebola should not be taken lightly..not at all..but all the media
“coverage”…makes me wonder how as a society..hell a species we are all
still around!
Cape Cod, MA 

Ken Kady says:

Why is this government allowing connecting flights into the US from the
Ebola hotspots? This is CDC 101. This video makes light of a very serious
problem. God help us.

Reagan Hayes says:

Actually ebola is airborne you dumbassses, my whole family had it back in
2009 when it was called the swine flu, SAME thing different name so STFU
fox news is right!! 

Listenbuddy1 says:

There’s “body fluid” in a sneeze, idjits. People in Africa taking all
precautions treating the sick have caught it. There’s no way in Hell these
talking heads know everything about this bug yet. such idjits

Gordon Freeman says:

You can get Ebola if you are within 3 feet of the infected or within the
same room. They’re covering this information up.

Joey Marlin II says:

Liberals said the same thing about AIDS: “There’s nothing to worry about”.
Hahaha I’ll be laughing when you libtards are coughing up blood and
shitting out your intestines.

Amelia Bee says:

I fucking called it weeks ago: Why we haven’t put a ban on all
non-essential travel to and from Liberia is anyone’s guess, but now who
knows how many people he could have potentially infected? All it takes is
one sneeze and the entire airplane full of people could have inhaled his
ebola-ridden snot mist.

Screaming PHOENIX says:

FOX News: We want obama to essentially segregate us from Africa, but were
not racist. 

SpartanWoodchuck says:

I was fucking scared when they said Ebola was in dallas Texas where I live.
God dammit I better not catch it!

ETE3077 says:

OBAMA FUCKED UP!!!! He should have Stopped all flights a long time ago!!!
This Fool! And now he wants to send our troops WTF!!! Ratings way down!
IMPEACH HIS ASS!!!! This is totally unacceptable! The UN should have had
a meeting stopping all flights from damn AFRICA!!! PERIOD!!! What’s so
fucking hard!!!

MovieHunter1888 says:

FOXNews “why should we believe you?” “Because were the fucking CDC the
Center for disease control we work with this shit on a daily fucking

rorrt says:

For one thing, the Texas patient flew from Africa, to Brussels. To the US…
There was no flight directly from Africa to the States…

I knew that piece of the story LITERALLY as the story first broke, and we
started to learn even the most sketchy of facts relating to the guy.

lukus black says:

It’s *here*!! Shouldn’t we be concerned??

… Have you been fucking the ebola patient?

Kakerot4141 says:

The thing is, Ebola isn’t as dangerous as it’s reputation makes it out to
be, but that having been said, people need education on the disease, not
misinformation and fear.
Since Ebola can ONLY be spread through intimate contact with infected
bodily fluids, in theory the disease can be easily contained through
standard quarantine protocol of 21 days, and either the patient will be
cleared, or symptoms will present and it can be treated with proper medical
It’s gotten as bad as it has in Africa because medical personnel don’t have
access to even basic protective gear, and there’s a lot of ignorance and
mistrust amongst the people in the region, which only helps to spread the
illness and make a bad situation worse.
Let’s bear in mind, the only reason this man got into America is because he
LIED about his health status, and his family helped make that happen. The
family and this man have been quarantined, and even as bad as Liberia is
right now, they’re filing criminal charges against the man for lying in
order to escape quarantine.
Now is not the time to play the blame game for how a person with Ebola got
in the country, because we live in an interconnected world and slips like
this are impossible to stop given the sheer volume of travel around the
world, the point of quarantine is to contain diseases before they grow to
this magnitude.
It was going to happen sooner or later, so now is a good time to support
our medical personnel and do what you can to support efforts to create a
vaccine so we can banish this disease forever.
Please, PLEASE do not fall for the hype and the blame game that certain
groups are pushing for their own agendas, it does NOTHING to help the
problem at hand.

TheDudimus says:

The flu isn’t airborn either, that doesn’t stop it from reaching millions
of people.

KingNipple says:

Being concerned, worried, and taking caution are basic human instincts.
These instincts have helped humanity survive for a very very long time.
Liberalism would have you believe that these human emotions and feelings
are bad. This is why liberalism is dangerous, this is why liberalism is a
mental disorder

John Solodovesky says:

they are against big government, yet they want the president to get
involved in everything. 

ChrisCa1601 says:

It’s not just Fox News doing this. CNN and MSNBC is also causing mass
hysteria over the outbreak. The mainstream media doesn’t seem to care about
facts in this matter.

mad max says:

if it is air borne there not going to tell you it will cause panic buy the
way viruses mutate has Ebola mutated into a airborne strain i guess we will
all find out soon enough 

dubtat says:

Hey guys, don’t you just hate republicans? Let’s all join hands and unite
in our hatred of republicans. We don’t have to stand for anything or
present any alternative solutions. We just have to hate hate hate and make
passive aggressive comments so we can feel morally superior. We don’t even
have to be progressive, just anti-conservative.

Linux4UnMe says:

Don’t panic people! I’m sure that Alex Jones will start marketing some
super strength ebola immunity boosters only available at info wars!

Powercatsquirrel says:

“they’re scientists, they’re doctors, they’re not going to lie to you”.
What dumbass would believe that? It’s so funny to watch this clown do the
exact “thing” he’s complaining Fox news is doing. Many New Yorkers are not

TanRu Nomad says:

So if someone sneezes on you, you can’t get it?

NUGNESS123 says:


brucinator9mm says:

I hope it wipes the fucking lot of you out, the world hates you, yes you

EasySnake says:

cenk if its that hard to get ebola how did all those doctors and that old
lady missionary get ebola?

Did they all have sex with their patients?

Maybe the doctors are wrong and ebola is easier to get than everyone

AmericanRelic2hear says:

If ebola is only transmitted through bodily fluids, how are the trained
medical professionals getting infected, when they take extensive
precautions?. I’ll say that either they’re not infected, or they’re being
purposefully infected so that when they’re brought to the U.S. the desease
can be spread purposefully and marketed as new ‘air born’ strain. 

Jedi Dispel says:

The guy went on a plane, hmmm. Maybe the people who were travelling on the
aircraft got ebola? Shit, this might spread.

amber rose says:

if its nothing to worry about then why are thousands infected in africa? i
say better safe than sorry stop flights from infected areas

Gyva02 says:

TYT and Mainstream news dropping the ball on this one, Canadian study
proves it can be air born. Google Canadian Ebola Study.

Xanstrom says:

ebola is like a loaded gun lying on a table. its not going to kill you if
you dont touch it *or like its fluids in the case of ebola)

Da Frank says:

So how did this guy get Ebola was he sleeping with Ebola patients haha 

Rusty Shackleford says:

Blonde women are the epitome of stupid. 

larry bailey says:

I guess u Young Turks need to be on a plane sitting in front of the Ebola
patient to see what it feels like to feel concern even tho u feel it wont
infect u.

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