Ebola: Case in Scotland, Liberia Resurgence, 20,000 Case Threshold Reached

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Bula 1988 says:

what do u know about politics?

Stephen Sims says:

I'd bet they kept the canned food even afterward, you know, just in case.

xburningindigo says:

Thanks. I'd been hoping for an update from you soon. :)

thinkbackwalkforward says:

Do you have any comments about the movie 'the interview' and the controversy surrounding it?

in2dionysus says:

Kerosene heater, close your storm windows . . . ebola-chan trying to get song together, will starting singing soon!

si m says:

According to various media she has been flown to London, via military plane, via convoy. Wtf don't they quarantine these aid workers, it would seem a basic procedure in dealing with like you Sa a relativity unknown disease /virus.

MrYumerican says:

To be honest, I feel terrible about it, but a little part of me feels it would be within reason to quarantine off the infected countries in Africa and just let the disease run its course. Why send medical doctors in there to possibly get infected? Maybe for medical research I suppose. Lucky I have no power cause I'd choose to overly protect the uninfected countries even if that means abandoning the infected one. A similar example would be the choice to shoot down an airplane, lets call it MH370, using military fighter jets. It's a lose lose.

MrYumerican says:

ITS BAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAACCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCKKKKKKKKK!!!!  jk it never went away. Well when it all felt safe…… now this cig isnt looking so dangerous. 

nillehessy says:

MY LIFE FOR YOU………………….my life for you

trashcan man

Amanda Barbolla says:

Why is there no talk off the antiviral drugs that worked for others being used as preventative? Jw…very sad indeed, just because its not right under your nose doesn't mean it doesn't smell terrible

Uphonniq says:

"a pessimist update" lol

Luna Moth says:

i knew we hadnt seen the last of it…. its not instilling enough fear in people anymore, so ebola has to pop back up and make a big deal SOMEWHERE!  Yay Bio-weapons.
  Here is my video from 2 weeks ago predicting a reAmp of bio-viruses/Ebola: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=izhb81kYJyQ&list=UUEbqDEAhNiZ_AoSIYU5ugAw

zorbatheok says:

The numbers of dead are grossly incorrect and Its only a matter of time…can I be more bleak???   WAKE UP!

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