Ebola Cannot Be Contracted By Eating Bush Meat- Yewande Adeshina Prt1

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Special Adviser on Public Affairs to the Lagos State Governor, Dr Yewande Adeshina, on Tuesday debunked claims that eating bush meat can lead to a human getting infected by the dreaded Ebola virus.

“We don’t we have any proven scientific relationship between eating bush meat and catching the infection. But we do know that preparation of these wild animals, especially if they carry the virus, can lead to the infection”, she said while speaking as a guest on Sunrise Daily.

She further noted that no animal has been confirmed as the “natural reservoir for the virus” but was quick to add that “fruit bats are implicated and they are very common in the tropical rain forest area”.


Spacegurl says:

The connection is you are all in bed with the media shills , main stream media is the poison 💀

ConservativeAnthem says:

she ate a smoked rat right before her interview.

legbreaker says:

Horrible viruses are still waiting in tropical rainforests in many animals, the host could not be sick, like a monkey or a bat. Though a human being can, maybe not by eating it when its fired and cooked, but surely can by butchering it, when you might have a very small wound or whatever.. So the virus evolves/mutates in the human and can become infectious and or airborne. I deeply respect cultural differences, but there is for the common sense of mankind, no need to eat primates, bats, and so on. I also know many Africans are Christian or Muslim, then they should know "God" did mention what kind of animals humans should avoid. For me as an Atheist those were truly wise religious warnings. Also again the fact, that Religion is ruled and lived by culture, not the other way around. So attacking any religion in general would be wrong, because of the cultural differences ruled by mankind, but that's a different discussion.

Mr Quark says:

I think bush meat could be where the ebola virus began, but I would add another additional possibility and that is deforestation, because there does exist microbes living in the forest canopy that do not exist on the ground, until these trees are cut down and then these microbes get scattered at ground level, where they could infect a larger variety of forest animals and increase the chances of infecting the food sources of the people who rely on bush meat as a food source. What about handling an infected animal when you have a small cut or open wound on your hands?

Melody Brown says:

It's got to be the lady on the left. It looks like she was holding it in for while.

Andrian Tacadino says:

wtf was that fart came from?

EventtzHorizon says:

lool ! 0:50

Tosin Mathew says:

Good Informative Interview, Her English is Quite sound by the way !!!


She is mistaken. Also big fart at 00.50 

Cricktail Mnxmoosi says:

Hopefully people watch the whole vid. That title makes it look like she says bushmeat is fine & that's not what she says at all. She says at this point the known danger is confined to preparation – but someone always has to prepare it before it can be eaten.

So eating bushmeat is always going to be dangerous to the one who prepares the meat – her exact words were that the virus is so virulent you are at risk even if you do not have cuts on your hands.

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