Ebola Bye Bye: Radio fights Ebola in Sierra Leone

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Awareness raising and education are essential to eradicate Ebola, a role that radio must fulfil, as the most popular and most trusted media in Sierra Leone. Albeit difficult circumstances, Culture Radio has delivered on its promise of being the Radio of the People, reflecting their struggles, but also educating and guiding them throughout the Ebola crisis.

The film portrays Culture Radio’s fight to stop Ebola in Sierra Leone. It also highlights Media in Cooperation and Transition’s (MiCT) support, through the “Ebola Bye Bye” project. Funded by the German Federal Foreign, the project provides both technical and content know-how. In collaboration with Culture Radio, MiCT establishes small scale FM radio transmission sites in 15 villages in all three provinces of Sierra Leone.

Content wise, the Sierra Leone Adult Education Association (SLADEA) and Culture Radio collaborate with MiCT to build programmes specific to every region tackling the many aspects of the fight against Ebola.

(Production May & June 2015: Dominik Lehnert | Camera: King Josephus & Dominik Lehnert | Editing: Sebastian Prams & Dominik Lehnert | Narration: Leila Bendra-Lehnert | Music: “Africa Stop Ebola” by Collectif Africa Stop Ebola, ℗ 2014 3D Family Production)


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