Ebola: America is safe?; Assassination: Obama is safe?

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Ebola: America is safe?; Assassination: Obama is safe?


Larry says:

Being a nurse in west africa treating ebola patients, yes you do have a chance of catching Ebola. But an american individual has a higher chance of getting hit by a lighning than catching ebola. Yes there will be some people who will get it, but the leathality percentage is way lower in a real good hospital than a tent in africa.

Also there are so many other things you should be more worried right now.

By the way they have already got a experimental vaccasine for ebola where 10/10 apes got well even when treatment was started after 5 days from infection. (Normally there is no going back fron there) I've also heard something about succesful human tests, only a couple but still.

More americans get shot every day on average than finnish people during the WW2, maybe you should be worried about that?

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