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EBOLA & AIDS — Same Thing? Umar Johnson, BLACK Population CONTROL TACTICS Part2 | Ebola Videos

EBOLA & AIDS — Same Thing? Umar Johnson, BLACK Population CONTROL TACTICS Part2

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Ron Paultard says:

There are no secret black population control tactics, oh how I wish there
were though.

DigitalDel1 says:

Spittin’ that hot fire!

Supreme says:

EBOLA & AIDS — Same Thing? Umar Johnson, part 2


21:30 They are the Neanderthals; Australopithecines. It explains his
beasty behavior. This is why he can go out kill people way he does and look
at it as if it’s normal to do so. It may also explain some Black People’s
beasty mentality. This is why blacks shouldn’t marry outside their race
esp. with the original Java Man.

Michael Cooper says:

@ Proafrocanam

Awesome comment! Neo con is nothing but a stinky redneck racist troll. As
others would say: “Internet troll 187!”

david Solomon says:

Umar is the fucking TRUTH!! 

Burman Solo says:

The crazy thing about dr umar is that the things that he saids are in the

Nunna Yuh bitness says:

I like everything this man has to say, but he is completely ignorant when
he blames Greco Roman homosexuality on Christianity and the judeo-christian
ethic or history.

Haku Hanako says:

i dont mind population control. i support it. 

D'metri Durant says:

AIDS is man made, no doubt about it. 

Valencia Ruth says:

Telling the truth…I wonder if Kanye mom was alive would’ve married that
KK woman..I’ve always asked myself why when our brown skinned men get rich
they run off towards a non black woman.

Dari Bluestar says:

I bang for Brother Umar anytime, any place.

TheNewMrsTaylor says:

I’ve stopped listening to music on my morning commute. I listen to Dr.
Umar’s lectures. Love the knowledge! 

Kenyatta M. says:

I’m just wondering if population control is really targeted toward “just
blacks” or human population in general. I do agree that are more avenues in
which “the powers that be” use to destroy our blacks, but I also believe
that they seek to control population in general (not just with us). Any

Bj Tanniehill says:

It is not the same as AIDS it is way worse, It kills way faster and has 50%
kill ratio. To my knowledge Bill Gates has patten on EBOLA

Rocro says:

Oooo IF U DONT PREACH!!! U telling the TRUTH abt IT ALL!!

Antenisha Dale says:

he is not preaching hate of any race


00:10 By the way, Does anyone know the whereabouts of Kanye West?

Derrick Kelly says:

No not just blacks every body no joke people population control is real
very real. Not just through Ebola and aids many tactics many ways people
black people need to stop killing each other first this crazy rapp music
videos on this so called BET shit message people this shit is real collapse
of America in our face.

Kalil Camara says:

I wonder how many people in this thread really know anything about Ebola.
There was an Ebola outbreak in Africa in the mid 90s and it’s well
documented. You can even find a documentary about it on YouTube. The one I
know of is in French but I am sure you can find an English version.
However, the point I am trying to make is that it was completely eradicated
by African doctors themselves. There is no conspiracy here its just an
epedemy just like the many we have seen throughout human history. It’s
unfortunate what is going on. I have family in Guinea, where it is believed
to affect people the most but I urge you guys to stop making up stuff and
baseless conspiracies; instead start a conversation on how the disease can
be eradicated. I wonder how many here have donated a $ for the cause….

L. Jones says:


jhon doe says:

21:33 that is misinformation

the research showed that all non-African; European, Asian, and hybrids
have Neanderthal DNA

HOWEVER the Europeans are now claiming that the Neanderthal DNA that mixed
with the africans created the superior “European” from the 2; that’s the
spin there creating off of it

33Kellymc says:

Truth. Tell it. 

BiggDaveProductionz says:

When are you ready to take over…The crips & bloods are ready!!!

Valencia Ruth says:

I remember when our people were dropping like flies from the HIV viruses; I
lost my dear mom in ’89 from this horrific white man made disease*

Derrick Kelly says:

Not a race thing eather people are trying to start a race war.don’t hate
whites blacks Asians or no race who really cares who mr west married to
sure his mom don’t care from heaven watching down. tiger wood who cares.the
real enemy’s is us government folks not Muslims not Christian people ect

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