Ebola: A Disease of Extraordinary Poverty

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Public health expert Allyson Pollock explains how poverty, sanitation and infrastructure contribute to the death toll in West Africa


Yuri muckraker says:

excellent mythbusting report, the Real News should invite Ms.Pollock on more to discuss the crisis in the UK's NHS in which her TED Talk is must see for anyone.

Dan neeah says:

Disinformation Agents.
No comments about US Bioweapons Labs in the same regions the outbreaks  are accurring.Nothing about Africom. Nothing about Cuba sending more doctors then the US-who sent 4000 soliders.Nothing about paid actors ACTing as if  they are sick from ebola but obviously were not.  any & Did the CDC say the vaccine only works on those with LIGHTSKIN?
and whats up with so many white people speaking but no Africans.there are stories where they say the only ones getting ebola are the people who are taking the Vaccine…..and the people being effected from those who took it.

55301365 says:

Ebola = A biological warfare for depopulation! = Agenda 21

whatwhyandwhos says:

Title should read perhaps…. Ebola : An Extraordinary disease of the Laboratory.

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