Dr. Kent Brantly Recovers From Ebola | The New York Times

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Dr. Brantly, an American missionary and doctor who contracted Ebola in Liberia, was discharged from Emory Hospital in Atlanta after making a full recovery from the disease.

Read the story here: http://nyti.ms/1kYCGQK

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Dr. Kent Brantly Recovers From Ebola | The New York Times


Mr Rasfaith says:

Jon Mapa, who created the world and everything that is in it. God created the Ebola and the medicines used to cure it. God is the reason for our lives and our death. God is first in all things. Allahu Akbar. Thanks and may God bless you Dr Kent… May God Bless west Africa. 

Jason maz says:

Bunch of fake…..
who B'live this White guy can cure but not the Black…… Another fake

sandbats5 says:

Whyyyy……would he live when everyone else dies in 12 days?? God said " No, not this guy". How did they treat him, and how did he beat a deadly virus??? Whhywhywywgywhywhy didn't they include the important bits?

I'm guessing he didn't even have ebola. He probably had a common flu. 

Antonio B says:

After that, one thing became clear: God is white!

perliva says:

No “thank you” to the doctors who actually kept him alive? Instead call for prayers, the one thing we know do nothing but put the prayer himself in a mood of bliss.

I would have expected more.

scholastica isibor says:

Indeed Jesus is the cure for ebola 

But Seriously, I Mean Really? says:

"I serve a thankful God who answers prayers."

No you don't.

Matthew Larsen says:

What an arrogant ungrateful prick to basically negate the thousands of scientist and years of research that have made way for his cure. It is  no coincidence that he only survived when given access to high tech science, 24/7 care and innovation.

John Lindekrantz says:

It can not be that hard to grasp that if you experience something which for you resembles a miracle, you call for something higher to explain it. The point of this particular news item is that a rarity occured, someone is cured from Ebola. Not that God saved or not saved this man. If it is a "shame" that someone thanks God for his unlikely survival, then you are clearly trying to enforce your own belief onto someone else. Precisely what you claim religious people do.

ophirdog says:

Should a person with such strong religious beliefs be working as a medical practitioner? 

Jon Mapa says:

He should be thanking medicine and science, not God.
Vile Campbellite . . .

runawayuniverse says:

And to add to my other comment, it looks like the 1200 people who have lost their lives so far to this didn't pray hard enough or were apparently praying to the wrong god. Once I learned he was missionary, I just knew that if he survived this he would credit his god. What a joke.

runawayuniverse says:

No, it was not miraculous and no, your whispers to yourself to your imagined god and the whispers of thousands or millions of others to their imagined god didn't help you through this. What helped him was science. He should know that better than anyone and it's really a slap in the face to all the people who actually did all the work needed for this guy to survive.

sc0tte1 says:

This is all a load of propaganda bs

Simon Wardenier says:

A broken man, seeking answers in religion. Such a shame.

Bernie Leiva says:

Too bad this good man has also been brainwashed by religion.

carme153 says:

Great, what are we (the US) doing about bring the a cure to West Africa? I'm surprised this wasn't mentioned in the video or the article.

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