DR Congo reports new Ebola death, just days before declaring end of epidemic

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The first person to contract Ebola in Democratic Republic of Congo in more than 50 days has died, the government said on Friday, ending hopes that the second worst outbreak of the disease in history might be over.

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Anton Gavutti says:

…i seen thing's that you peoples cannot imagine…


the truth says:

2020 ft corona and ebola…

Geum Ji-min says:

Player Ebola has quit the game.
Player Ebola has joined the game.

This has become a game for the viruses where coronavirus is currently leading in Kills.

unpaid troll says:

just like ebola, the world will never destroy wuhan flu.
we are just killing our economies and dreams.

Chris Coleman says:

Um bongo um bongo…they drink it in the congo

Jimnesstar Lyngdoh Nonglait says:

😷😷😷We cannot play emotional frequently on recent crises, globally🇺🇳🇺🇳🩺🩺

Neocharm says:

How convenient …. Spread the fear.


I think very few percentage of people will survive after this year.

Meidiot Forever says:

What exactly is he telling? That ebola has revived?

Camelpiss drinker Nabi Muhammad says:

Worry about your own country France chutiye. Africa is doing great
And stop trying to experiment vaccine in Africa

Faux Manchu says:

Geez, Africa just can't have a break.

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