DR Congo: Ebola outbreak confirmed

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At least one person has died from the Ebola virus in the Democratic Republic of Congo according to the World Health Organisation (WHO) and the country’s Health Ministry.

The last outbreak of the disease killed at least 11,300 people in West Africa.

Tests on nine people who came down with a hemorrhagic fever in the northeast of the country confirmed the presence of the virus. Three people have died from fever.

Other samples are still being tested, and six people remain hospitalised.

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M Zach says:

Read the book Hot Zone back in the 90's, was obvious just from reading a few chapters where Ebola and Marburg come from, bats.  Yet for years they didn't seem to have the slightest clue where it was coming from. Bats are awesome little creatures but they're carry some nasty diseases

Emmaoh Watts says:

Will spread again. This is just the beginning

Twilight Sparkle says:

Ebola Chan is Love
Ebola Chan Is Life
There is no cure for love
It's all infected now.

Azdsts says:

thank you ebola-chan
good luck ebola-chan

WarblesOnALot says:


"Ebola"…, it's what they call The Bat's Revenge, also known as BAT-EATER'S VIRUS.

When the West AfriKans stop clearing the Forest and they stop eating Bats…,THEN the sick & stressed Bats will stop trying to cull the Plague of Humanity which is destroying their Biosphere.

Get used to it.

If you thought the last Ebola outbreak was bad, back when Obama was in charge of AmeriKa's response…; just(ifiably?) you sit & wait & watch, to see what a bigger mess Prissydunce Tronald Dump makes of this one.

I can feel a GREAT Cull, coming on.


Ciao !

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