DoomShow,Ebola patients vanishing!

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Clinton Robinson says:

Take a look at this video on YouTube:

Tony White says:

Great report about these Ebola patients mate, well if they can entire
aircraft and passengers disappear then they’ve no problem removing these
Ebola cases…probably straight to the incinerator.

Yeshua Blessing says:

A real mess, this country is in…wow! Not good for sure…thanks Clinton!

chuggkole CK says:

The HOUDINI Diagnosis …..this needs to be looked into
carefully, and soon…..thx Clint

Mona Cherice Galliardt says:

Thanks for always keeping us informed. By the way that is such a beautiful
flannel shirt, it suits you! God Bless You!

Stephen Clementson says:

The president of the USA says panic responsibly. You can panic freely in
private, but you must show restraint in public places.

james owen says:

keep people in fear and distraction from what is really going on your guess
is as good as mine 

Ron Griffith says:
JaKBaLL TV says:

those cops didn’t have to clean it themselves, Dallas has the Cleaning
Guys, they should of called them.. they got a pressure-washer even!

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