Doom Show,Ebola,mutation fears,22million people!

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Clinton Robinson says:

Take a look at this video on YouTube:

Yeshua Blessing says:

Good report, but so sad, just horrible really! Thanks Clinton…

MISTER1K says:
older Ebola Doc. Stacy Keach narrator.
And they say airborne back then.

masonmia says:

we would not let cuba have any ebola they wonted it to make a weapon !!!!
now they got some …oh fuck 

seachtaine says:

i used to joke about this virus back in the 90s no one new about it , but
they soon will by the look of it.

Mark Carson says:

Christ…..what is the purpose of this video???

john smith {Solar-Volcano-Earthquake} says:
chuggkole CK says:
Ron Griffith says:
Lara Green says:

TheHealthRanger (YouTube channel) is uploading information that may be
helpful … two specific uploads so far. Thanks, Clinton! :)

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