Doctor Working With Ebola Patients Puts Self in Quarantine

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Tenn. (Kate Murphy) — Alan Jamison, a retired doctor, has put himself in quarantine after working with Ebola Patients overseas.

He had volunteered to treat patients in the same Liberian hospital where American doctor Kent Brantly contracted Ebola.

“Whether it’s war, like when I was in Somalia. And when I was in the Philippines when they had the typhoon. In Haiti we had cholera following the earthquake. So, these situations, they all pose risks,” said Jamison.

Jamison says he does not have any symptoms of the virus so far, but plans to be in isolation for 21 days.

He says his daughter picked him up at the airport but he has not been in contact with anyone else since.


Mona Smile says:

What happened to this Doctor?

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