Doctor Blows The Lid on Ebola Cover-Up: Special Report

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A doctor has exclusively revealed to Infowars that health authorities are covering up Ebola cases in the United States and disappearing patients in an effort…


Sleepwitoneeyeopen says:

Americans are too stupid to see the warning alex.
They’re still living in the 1940’s walking around with their head up their

JOOGAL1111 says:

So they are covering up ebola cases and releasing info that there is a new
case in New York. Get your story straight Jones you are the one spreading
ebola hype. You haven’t a shred of evidence and you are basing everything
on this one guy who doesn’t know they had ebola either. Lots of diseases
cause bleeding but you hype the shit out of it. This is another of your y2k
ps Don’t you think these people that are being disappeared (lol) have
families who will be saying Hey! where the fuck is my loved one disappeared
to and ran straight to the press smh. Fuck off Jones.

S Lewis says:

Doesn’t anybody find it funny that everybody who is coming up with Ebola
suddenly decides to travel or go to very public venues? Wtf

Foxworth Krowler says:

So this guy’s friend is scared people won’t like him or he will lose his
job if he came out and told the world the truth that will save untold
amounts of lives? Um…. I have to call bullshit. I just cannot believe
that this doctor is forced to work with Ebola patients but he is more
scared of losing his job than losing his family and life? lmfao

Texas Hi-Railer says:

There’s an awful lot of mystery about this Ebola concerning whether it
actually exists or not? I have a friend who is a military office stationed
at Ft. Bliss here in TX who claims Ebola is another hoax simply to control
the masses? He also said high level military personnel are laughing their
ass off all over the country listening to all the panic when the reality is
Ebola doesn’t exist? I’ve known the man since 2005 & he is very dependable
& not one who spreads rumors or is into gossip so, could it actually be
another government scam??? 

Gun Slinger says:

So instead of coming out with the TRUTH, so that people can prepare and
take precautions…they LIE and use FEAR to cover it up, using THREATS and
FEAR so that the Doctors and Nurses that know the TRUTH do not come forward
and expose it…THAT right there is how this is going to spread beyond
control, but that’s what they WANT to happen…this is so INSANE. The whole
damn country is at risk right now because they REFUSED to CLOSE the borders
and BAN flights from Africa…our stupidass Govt and the CDC caused this
mess. If they would have shut EVERYTHING down in the beginning, this would
NOT be happening. There is a LOT more to this…if you look at the Global
Incidents Map online…look at the pattern…the U.S. is literally
EXPLODING with all kinds of diseases and shit…like no other place on the
globe…we are literally under attack right now, and most people are too
stupid, ignorant and blinded to even see it. We are in SO much trouble
right now…and most people don’t even realize it.

Bud Brangard says:

Although NOT one calling hospitals… I hear your frustration, but we all
are going to make mistakes…with so much on the line like family members
for one example, and no leadership taking charge to better our chances of
surviving this crap ….well, overreaction is simply just going to
happen… go easy, and NEVER STOP REPORTING, where else will we get the
news (REAL NEWS) ??

drake g says:

Thank god we have fema camps! (That’s dark humor) maybe this is part of
their plan when they built all the fema camps and surplus plastic

Philip Martinez says:

Only time will tell just how serious this gets.

Matthew Mccall says:

People can be so fuckin stupid!

Skulls Entertainment says:

All the way from Jamaica. Saying i love your show 

Michel Nostredame says:

ebola is not transmission by air… but by gas… another word:
fart… bacterial live better in gas…

xXChristPeripheralXx says:

Be weary of a man who talks with his hands.

ExperimentalVaccines says:

Back peddling trying to cover up your sensational news reporting. Jones is
nothing but a hype train pushing the same news as mainstream media.

Paul Hamilton says:

wat the hell is wrong wit ye americans can ye not see wat the governments
up to wake up and kick all these assholes out before they wipe ye all out.
wake the fuck up !!!!!!!!!!

UPhoRia Inc says:

Ebola ebola ebola,

anthony will says:

is it a bad time 2 B joining the army? i want 2 join

Christian Burgwald says:

You are dead to me JOOGAL1111 faces less fuck

Gabe Oitoucher says:

Gawd i LOVE it that so many of you are finally waking up and seeing Alex
Jones for the fat lying pig disinfo agent he is. Of course, i guess that’s
bound to happen when you put out videos every year claiming the end of the
world is coming then it never does so you simply put out more the following
year and so on and so on and so on . . . lol =-)

brandon B says:

After watching Alex jones for at least 5 years…. when it comes down to
it, he’s one of them

Kacey says:

I’m usually the first one to say these type of channels are full of shit
BUT..The scary thing is Alex is right this time. The Obama crew are trying
hard to cover this up. For whatever reason they are not covering it on the
news that much, and they should be bc Ebola cases are getting worse each
day in Africa, possibly here too. They are treating it like “out of sight,
out of mind” type thing.

Bryan Chadwick says:

i don’t know anybody who has ebola. i think that if it wasn’t ebola it
would be some other sort of pandemic. this is a setup.

TreeHuggerLtd says:

The new ART looks really cool ! Nice work :) Lets return to the
aesthetics of the Masters. 

Mike Hughes says:

“ALERT!” Take Care.

Elizabeth Wilcol says:

I can’t believe after all this crap going on there’s still people who can’t
see it… damn idiots. What is going to take for them open up their pea
brains and see the light? There’s a lot of those idiots here. I have to
laugh, they are so ‘retarded’. 

cherylynn927 says:

Alex please let people finish their sentences!

Metal Master says:

stop all ebola shit, i havent got to watch nothing cuz you only do ebola,
you suck like CNN

Earthlings Suck says:

Doctor should keep the lid on it…. we don’t want ebola escaping becoming

mcbillygoat says:

Jesus Christ Alex scared me with his menacing picture of him and his arms
out like a monster. I think he is getting into the Halloween spirit. Oh
well. Everyday is Halloween when it comes to Alex and his fear marketing.
Look out for those Jew goblins.

billy standridge says:

If anyone really knows what is going on about any
subject,Flag,Abortion,Freedom of Religion,Right to bear arms,the C.D.C,ON
all over the world fake or real pandimic,who’s side in the mideast is
anyone on….etc…etc…etc

Apjooz says:

The world has Alex Jones, why are there problems still? This man is soo
smart, why can’t he make everything perfect? Maybe because the world has
some amount of chaos no matter what (and critiquing is easy and maybe he
isn’t so smart).

Jeremy Parsons says:

this just in. eric mcurry has full blown butt aids. this infection is 40
times more powerful than ebola. 

John Farley says:

How has it come about that people are not told what the criminal Government
are doing untill they have done it? Those that do Governments evil deeds
are all American Citizens imposing their evil onto the people.
It’s the people that are funding the Government through taxation.
Never in my life would I have ever believed that the US people would allow
their Government to get as bad as it is.

nathankaye31 says:

One minute Alex Jones is saying there’s no Ebola it’s a false flag, the
next minute he is saying Ebola is here it’s going to spread into a
pandemic. Make up your mind Alex and stop scaremongering 

TheZacheryMantis says:

Here is my prediction.. This, just like all the other things these mouth
pieces of the other side have made lots of money on. Coughing “AM TV’..
Scuse me. Had something I had to cough up.. Is just another thing to link
the other stories these guys have run.. Like the disposable coffins.. And
of coarse, how convenient.. Ebola hits the U.S!

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