DIY Face Mask for Coronavirus – Innovative Solutions to PPE Shortage at Henry Ford Allegiance Health

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Given a scarcity of personal protective equipment (PPE) for health care workers and first responders, Henry Ford Allegiance Health has taken an innovative approach to create their own, using safe and comfortable materials that will protect caregivers from the COVID-19 virus.

With the support of Henry Ford Innovation Institute and local manufacturers, we hope to replicate these models across the entire Henry Ford Health System.

A special thank you to all team members involved in the creation of these PPE items: Danielle Elswick, Mariah Foster, Chantell Krage, Pam Krage, Corey Parrett, Jennifer Rice, and Don White.

Also, special thanks to the Volunteers of HFAH, who donated funds to cover the initial cost of materials, and our Caring Hands volunteers who are working from home to sew and assemble the masks.


Henry Ford Allegiance Health says:

A quick update on what we are doing across our health system.

אוהד אילוז says:

This amazing video is the masks I found online

Hope I helped

Mykolas Karanauskas says:

It was said in the video: PPE Equipment.
I wonder what does the extra E stand for?
Is it Personal Protective Equipment Equipment?

Bionicle Boy says:

I purchased a transparent mask. So isn't that enough to protect you from coronavirus?
They said that wearring both is a additional barier.

virgiukas says:

Doctor Corona version 12sec video


How's bout this too –


How about this idea too hope it helps —

OddBall says:

Lol….I laugh everytime I see people wear fear mongers mask being i dont comply😷

Lee B says:

Have they been clinically tested for stopping covid penetration

hui li says:

You can contact me if you need protective equipment

infinite music's says:

Wat da i made better face sheild

Fakeray Davies says:

This video is an amazing public service! Thank you! I can rest a little easier knowing the medical professionals in my family have tools more readily available to stay safe! Stay safe and love always!

safal adhikari says:

if you wanna BUY MASK from amazon

Mr Glasgow says:

Just use a niqab

Unlimited Change says:

In World War 2 – we turned factories that made spark plugs, into factories that turned out 50 spitfires per month. All while we were being bombed by Germany. We didnt hide at home. WHERE IS YOUR WAR SPIRIT. We need PPE.. make it happen .. CUT THE RED TAPE. Today, Aliexpress website has 40 million masks in stock mail order from china. Around $2 per mask. If i can buy them and have them delviered in 10 days – WHY CANT YOU . Every DOCTOR and NURSE should be TOLD to avoid all normal channel and source masks personally from CHINA where there is an abundance of masks available by direct order from numerous websites

TheCerametal says:

Makeshift Antivirus Suit: Watch this and share with others, help save lives!

Anubhav Apurva says:

Here is a quick DIY which can be easily made at home!

BettyBlu says:

I am BEYOND proud of these nurses, but WHY isn't our GOVERNMENT NOT helping THEM!!! That is a DISGRACE.

Kino Optik says:

Dear Mr. Trump. This mask requires no construction, everyone has it in the household: The quality is close to a medical mask. Please spread the idea around the world.

Linnea Jordyn says:

Most people can't purchase these anymore because they're all going to health facilities like YOURS! People are also donating masks and equipment they sew themselves. Fabric and materials cost money and most people are unemployed while front line workers keep their jobs and get the best equipment. The least you can do is provide dimensions of your prototypes and allow people to prevent the spread of this virus to their lives ones.

Margaret Neanover says:

They need gowns, outfit gear too. Shoe covers as I've seen many without. The floor is the epitome of germ warfare. They need it all. Good work.

A Human Dog Muzzle says:

A good improvised and reusable solution which only requires three things; A 2 liter plastic bottle of soda/water with bottle cap, Hot glue gun, and a rubber band or better elastic item. Cut out the top of the bottle with scissors, twist the bottle cap off and hot glue the ridges to where you can breathe without the cap being air tight. Cut the rubber band and hot glue the ends to the opposite side.

safal adhikari says:

if u wanna BUY MASK from amazon

giulia Italy says:

in.Italy we use a snoreling masque adapted, with 2 filyers, the badass virus is 0.02micron, so the filters are for that kind of very small virus

giulia Italy says:

the Corona virus is very little, what is the material for the black masque

j c says:

Lady online making with foam on roll for foreheah

DISH Premier Local Retailer - Crystalview Systems says:

Looking for a face mask? Find great ones here: $1 of every sale is donated to COVID-19 and they’re created by an RN at Wellington Regional Hospital in Florida 😀

Daniel Lotridge says:

I am a paramedic, when I am not at my offshore job I have been tasked to do health care questionnaires and take temperatures for hundreds of people a day to gain/block entry into shipyards.

I ordered a snorkeling mask ( full face ) on amazon prime for 25$. The ones that have a one way valve to breathe out and you breathe in through a tube in the top. Simply remove the top tube and rubber band two layers of surgical mask material over the hole, or a piece of N95 material. Just a thought just in case this tragedy continues to drag on. I go offshore wednesday and may have to do a patient assessment face to face if anyone shows symptoms over the next few weeks.

Thank you for your ideas. They will help a lot of people and I will be making the face shield myself.

MarcellusTheGreen says:

The standard surgical (paper) mask, the so-called isolation mask, is better than nothing.  It is, however, very good for someone who has, or thinks he/she might have, been exposed to COVID-19.  It is somewhat effective to prevent or control the spread of the disease from the wearer.   The best protection against GETTING these viruses is the "respirator" mask, with N-95 rating.  They are hard to find and you should have someone help you fit-test these devices.   BIG FACT:  wearing a cheap isolation mask, or even a home-made cloth mask, OVER the N-95 will keep some of the bigger stuff out of the N-95 and  make the N-95 last much longer.  It is generally agreed that about ANY mask is better than NO mask.

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