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“Deputy Sheriff In Texas Quarantine Order Ebola Symptoms” | Ebola Videos

“Deputy Sheriff In Texas Quarantine Order Ebola Symptoms”

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Deputy Sheriff who delivered Ebola quarantine order in Hospital ER possible Ebola http://www.paulbegleyprophecy.com also http://h.churchapp.mobi/paulbegleypr…

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Awaken Sheeple says:

This is only the beginning. Gmo wiill poison corn next. Gbu. The lord
showed me the dream twice.
This is far from over. 

2stand4him says:

Mr. Duncan tried to save his life and lost it. The two others who’s lives
were saved, were willing to risk their lives to save others. This is what
made the difference, not the treatment that was or wasn’t given. Mr.Duncan
was willing to put his own family at great risk, this is not the actions of
a good person, I pray for all who came in contact with this man.

janice strausburg says:

Get some discerment itd a hoax the girl friend who cared for him would have
already got ebola 

floydstinkyboy says:

i promise to donate five million dollars to the church of my choice if
bagley comes back with another video confirming this one is BS – the man
tested negative.

blissJesus1 says:

Outrage yes… Blame?
Did Duncan know He was coming from a country known for the outbreak, and
demand To be received at port of entry with extreme caution, or, better
yet,contact an American official in Africa to let them know they are
planning to go back to America?

Mohit Pathak says:

Ebola is scary nd evil…. Could this disease b the final one or will their
b another one even more worse than this…guys where is the vaccine for
this disease??? It’s terrible people u get this r looking like zombies or
some ghost.

Serge Therrien says:

Containment by fear…. Fear has entered the land! That’s how they’ll
contain the masses.. After too much fear will come riots…

sgdeluxedoc says:

For a virus to be classifiable as “airborne”, it has to persist in the air
for several minutes minimum I don’t know the exact amount but it’s likrly 5
at lkeast.. Ebola is not supposed to persist for more than a few seconds,
no more than HIV. If those people have indeed gotten ebola from Mr Duncan,
than it has finally mutated . This is a disaster, but apparently not
entirely unexpected. It appears it was bioengineered to merge with up the
flu RNA. If I find that letter from the geneticist who discovered it I’ll
post it here..

vida130 says:

When I saw the report yesterday on CNN I was very upset when they mentioned
that the officer may have ebola. I thought of all the people that went
into this mans apartment and cleaned the site without protection. That
officer said he only touched a light fixture. You mean to tell me that no
one living with Duncan and all the virulent towels in a bag and the sheets
on the bed contracted the virus? They keep saying the the chances of
getting this virus are minimal. We need to wake up out of our slumber! ” A
prudent man foreseeth the evil the evil, and hideth himself: but the simple
pass on, and are punished.” Proverbs 22:3

I ROBOT says:

My question is why are federal officials removing nano-colloidal silver
from the shelves and chasing down and arresting people with the FDA swat
team ?Does that not tell you something? I have a personal relationship with
a MD.who sent boxes and boxes of this to Africa and the authorities
confiscated it.This solution has been proven to kill over 650,000 known
pathogens and viruses .Just who are they trying to stop taking this and who
is dying because they were not allowed to take this natural based medical
weapon against these natural based killers? Another good question is why
were international flights from these infected areas not stopped
immediately? WHY? I would ask why about the Georgia Guide Stones also.IT
makes me think they want us dead.Don’t you get that feeling that they are
out to get you by what they do?Judge a man by his works, judge him by his
actions,that will tell you what is in the heart.

Andrew Cottrell says:

a nurse in australia might ebola, she is waiting for diagnosis in Cairns


Carol Maule says:

God bless Pastor Paul ! Respectfully, could we be farther along on the
pouring ? Small pox, polio, measles, mumps,dengee,mers the flu that kill
thousands in the 1900s, cancer, aids and ebola. Many were very deadly. The
increase of quakes,animal deaths, sink holes the list goes on as you well
know. Time may be shorter than most think. Jesus is peace and safety. Get
right with Him today if you don’t know Him ! Blessed day to all !

Rossy C. says:

What about all his family ?? He may have the Ebola and probably spread the
virus all over. It’s horrible. 

dave wilson says:

Is Heidi having a show tonight?

Chris Hayes says:

Isn’t it weird that Stephen King is a 33rd degree Freemason and wrote The
Stand where a deadly virus starting spreading in Texas. The cop shows up to
warn the people that the military is involved and contracts the virus and
then spreads it onwards. 

Angel Light says:

Reverend Paul, I gasped the other day when I saw the picture of the
deputies going into the Ebola apt. Unprotected. I was horrified that no one
informed or protected them. They want to avoid a panic, but it will be
inevitable at this rate. Would’ve been better to be honest.

Mohit Pathak says:

America has got the disease Ebola..beware peeps

Lynn Lee Sherwood says:

And yet they keep telling us that it isn’t airborne and that you
practically have to be swimming in the contaminated bodily fluids of a
person infected with Ebola. I ain’t buying it. It has to be airborne.

fordfiveohh says:

Its simple. Hospitals, particularly ERs ( from what I’ve seen) are in WAY
to big of a hurry to be able to give proper care… and the insurance
companies are partially to blame. 

Robert Bell says:

This strain seems to be very potent, more than what it seemed in past
occasions in Africa..
They seem to be trying to say that there is only one strain, I am not a
medic although many may feel something is very wrong here and many may die
through default as speed of infection seems horrendous

Good help us all

Only One Way says:

And WHY when you are going to serve a quarantine warrant wouldn’t you be
wearing protective gear, at least a mask and gloves going into this
infected area? Something is not adding up here.

Rosemarie Norton says:

Pastor Paul. I live in cairns Queensland Australia. We have a nurse who has
just come back from sierra leone. She has been admitted to hospital and
Joyce under quarantine with a high fever. 

Jeannie L says:

On CNN one deputy said that there are three people that cleaned the
apartment are feeling sick and are being tested. They wore no protective
clothing. One person was a driver…..? Hope and pray they don’t have

danldar says:

Does anyone else find it odd that this deputy may have Ebola just because
of one visit, when nobody else in Duncan’s family (living in the apartment)
has fallen ill? Or did I miss something?

Leslie Brewer says:

just broke on fox news, he does not have ebola as his test came back

House Wren says:

MAYBE….??? He said he was from Liberia…and he was sent some because
they didn’t want him in their hospital??? 

Larry Britt says:

it has began

Tina Rucker says:

Did he really say he was from Africa or USA cause if you or I would have
been to the ER they wouldn’t have been doing much either 

Shanna Jones says:

Of course people are going to slowly start to freak out and start to
mutilate themselves. 

peterjonesitec says:

The Dallas officials that went into Thomas Duncan’s aptment unprotected
must be wondering do they have EBOLA.

JaKBaLL TV says:

i wouldn’t worry too much, between the Cleaning Guys, and the deputy
spraying disinfectant all over himself, i think we’re fairly safe

Fox250R says:

He doesn’t have Ebola! Keep up the good fear mongering Paul!

anthony johnson says:

A deputy went to a clinic? Serving a quarantine notice with out hazard
suite? Huh?

schwill81 says:

He probably didnt have any kind of health care, thats why the e.r. turned
him away…

MyGodWinks says:

I believe it is more likely one of the last 7 plagues not the first of the
last 7. Swine Influenza, Bird Influenza, West Nile Virus, Enterovirus 68,
Ebola, this recent Polio issue that has been heard recently, and then the
Carribean Virus that is spreading through Jamaica and other surrounding

Jeffery Zimbelman says:

Dear God, please be with all these families involved. Let your peace rule.

jeffesis says:

I choose JesusCare. It works, and you can’t beat the price!

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