Departure of an additional 91 Cuban aid workers to Liberia and Guinea to combat Ebola

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Cuban healthcare professionals headed for West Africa to assist in the fight against Ebola were presented to the international media in Havana ahead of their departure on Tuesday.
In total 91 doctors, nurses and health technicians are being flown to Liberia and Guinea on Tuesday night, raising the total number of Cuban medical workers in the region to nearly 400, the largest contribution by any single country.
Nurse Elmer Reyes told reporters that he was optimistic about what the team could achieve.
“What we truly hope for is an impact in the minimisation (of Ebola infection), and why not also think, as we the Cuban professionals think, optimistically, in the eradication of the disease (Ebola) for these countries we are going to,” he said.
Despite the risks of contracting the infection, nurse Luis Alberto Perez Lopez said his family was supportive.
Cuba has already sent 165 healthcare workers to Sierra Leone to fight the Ebola outbreak there.

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