Death! A History of Infection #19

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This time I’m talking about the evolution and natural history of death.

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Reckless Roges says:

A History of Infection 20:

Affan Abid says:

great video! i came here after finding your profile picture in Kurzgesagt's video so i clicked on it and i found this.

Th3OnlyGrim says:


Are you the one who narrates Kurzgesagt – in a nutshell?

Smells Like E Minor says:

Thank you. Plain and simple.

Lee Bailey says:

I'm surprised you don't get more subs. This is one of the only intelligent channels on the net that don't rely on bombarding the viewer with flashy presentation and gimmicks more than actual info.

Sean Flemming says:

Very interesting stuff! Is apoptosis studied much with an intent of getting rid of or maintaining any infections or cancers? I've always wondered what might be possible if we could have some influence over the process.

Tony frederick says:

Hola. Estoy Baymax su AssKicker personal

Tony frederick says:

oh Dios mío peor vídeo que he visto en mi vida , ¿por qué me mira esto!

Tony frederick says:

increíble vídeo

sorry lol

Simple1DEA says:

James Gurney? As in the amazing dinosaur artist?

computerism says:

Great channel!! Got to know you by patreon!

bad time says:

Lol, a little axolotl as your pic 😀 So cute XD

Anastasia Cardone says:

I agree with you and I really like the video, it's a puzzling concept what we call "death". BUT maybe we (as human beings) have pushed too much evolution. What about new diseases and autoimmune illnesses? Some people should have not passed their genes (I think). Okay, it does not mean the best able to survive but to reproduce. But what do we really want to give to "our" children? …well, I think I'll plant some trees and flowers, that's also life 😉

Satan says:

omg THIS is what i was looking for +1 sub

Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell says:

Hey Jim, are there any plans on AHoI #20? I really love the series!

deadasfak says:

Wow that was a lot deeper than I thought

Edouard Tavinor says:

One explanation for why bodies break down and die is that bodies are performing at a level above the maximum level for continued operation in order to achieve an advantage in the race for reproduction. 

Take two otherwise identical animals. The first one has cell functions performing at a level so they don't wear down over time, the second one has cell functions at too high a level. This means that the second one is more likely to reproduce successfully. Though it would not live as long if their were no predators and no disease, it's possible that this will tend to make its offspring more numerous.

Thanks for the series! I've been watching it over breakfast for the last few days and it's taught me a lot!

AkiRa22084 says:

Very good video.

Just to add, the shorter the life span of the species the faster its generations replace the previous and that makes the genes in the gene pool more up to date to the environment.

TheSourcreammonkey says:

"Huhuhu,Brandine! there's a man in our technologey box telling me that a dino-saur is inside of me"

PwnySlaystation01 says:

Finally! I really hope you continue this series. It's awesome.

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