David Beckham supports fight against Ebola in Sierra Leone

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David Beckham has teamed up with Unicef to warn people about the Ebola virus in a public service announcement. Report by Sarah Kerr.

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blakeyonthebuses says:

Shut up you fucking twat. You can afford to get out there and spend millions so why don't you instead of telling us what we can do!

QueenBeeNightly says:

Vaccines for the Beckham children immediately!!!!!!

philos4r says:

Beckham You are a twat! and i will never forgive that childish penalty incident in 98 besides that your just another tool they use to manipulate us.

jimmyvbs says:

Cause its until a rich white man that announces the virus that people from developed country that start caring

FilthyAnimal666 says:

Well done David, this video will be very helpful to all of the 5 people in Sierra Leona who actually own a fucking telly.

englisheskim0 says:

Oh thank god the world is saved now that David Beckham has made a 2 minute video

Vic Flange says:

When asked for his thoughts concerning why only $100,000 has been received in monetary aid from the International Community to combat the virus, David responded: "I fink it's a disgrace. I earn ten times that in appearance fees alone. UEFA should give Ebola the red card, or fine it a week's wages. It's all about the three points at the end of the day."

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