Data: Ebola Infecting 5 People an Hour in Sierra Leone

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“Ebola is spreading at the rate of five new cases an hour in Sierra Leone, according to figures released as world leaders and experts on disease control gathered in London to discuss the outbreak.

The figures from Save the Children showed there were 765 new cases last week in the west African country alone, but only 327 hospital beds to treat infected patients.”*

The spread of Ebola in western Africa is becoming enormous- Save the Children is reporting 5 people an hour becoming infected, and that could soon double. How is the spread now different from how it began? Cenk Uygur and Ana Kasparian discuss.

*Read more from The Guardian:


Alan Bacon says:

You know what gets on my nerves? People in the west saying "Oh it's no issue for us here. Ebola only happens to dirty poor people". Having better sanitation and health care doesn't make you immune. Just look at London/New York, hubs of international travel with cramped living & commuting conditions. I can't tell you the number of times I've grabbed a handrail on the tube home only to find it slick with sweat. Not to mention the fact you come into physical contact with tens of people a day just getting around in the morning and evening rush hours. That's all the virus needs to spread.

All I'm saying is that while you shouldn't freak out about it, you should take it seriously.

Artur_Cunha says:

Oh shit, God is playing Plague Inc

philos4r says:

If you need to restrict or lockdown an area give it some Ebola with a patsy

TheMasonator777 says:

A good argument for global universal health care and education.

Noor Azriel says:

When I think of that Gohmert(sp) quote, I imagine him with a comic-book thought ubble over his head, showing a panicked white guy in army fatigues running around in the Lion King movie's Pride Rock, waving a net over a bunch of dying black people and yelling "BOYS, I GOT 'ER CORNERED, BUT I NEED BACK UP, GET A BIGGER NET! CHARLEY-BOLA IS EVERYWHERE". Beneath the thought-cloud, shaking his head smugly as he says "Y'see, guys… Liberals are clearly the problem here, they jus don't have a gal'dern clue!"

Constitutional Democracy is a necessary foundation for a truly free society, & I will always defend it… but the fact that there will always be idiots like that who seem to hold alarming amounts of power over our lives (as any power in such hands is alarming) & that's s sobering thought. 

BlackZombie567 says:

There was indications of this strain being able to spread by sneezing. The term airborne means it can travel without a liquid substance. Which is true since Ebola cannot travel without being in a liquid. But tests that a doctor did in the 1990's showed that primates in separate cages, not even in contact with each other contracted the disease. The theory was then set down that it can possibly spread by as you guys said sneezing and then those mucous droplets getting into say another persons eye, then the infection starts. These droplets however cannot travel far distances. So in a city it might not spread far. But in a plane or on a bus one sneeze from an Ebola patient might be cause for alarm

mlking213 says:

So you make a video explaining why and how its spreading and then you want free travel to those very same countries?

You guys make videos all year long how Americans are stupid and as ignorant as the world and as a guy that travels a lot allowing free travel to those countries right now seem moronic. Send the doctors,Send the Aid, send the medicine but free travel should at least be discussed.

Jeff Chang says:

Nobody is asking for a full ban. Rather we are asking for reasonable and commonsense restrictions on travel from these areas. One good option is to suspend all non-essential visas for those coming to the US from countries where Ebola is widespread. 

Transport and logistics can be provided by the US military, while U.S. citizens can use these same flights as evacuation.While we should fight this disease in its endemic areas, I think given the limited scope of infected countries the visa suspension and combating the disease in infected countries. 

In regards to the r nought (or infectabiliaty) of Ebola, the danger is that it produces flu like symptoms. A plausible scenario is that a person that is asymptomatic arrives in the US, becomes ill, and spreads his Ebola fomites (germs) in areas like public transportation, buffets, sports events, or conventions. We already see the CDC has failed at preventing non-Ebola infected persons from boarding the planes seemingly healthy only to arrive in the US ill.

CoDisafishy says:

What are they doing over there? It doesn't even spread through the air.

mmffxx says:

necessary supplies and personnel can go on chartered/or special flights, WITHOUT regular passenger flights running!    duuuhhhh!

Houston soomo says:

Fuck you TYT 

mmffxx says:

stop the politically correct fairy world idiocy, and STOP REGULAR PASSENGER FLIGHTS from those countries in africa!   ever hear of the INCUBATION PERIOD??  anyone on a flight can get into the country if they are infected but in the incubation period of the disease.  and that's besides who gets thru anyway due to imperfect screening with flights still running.   unbelievable!

Tiana Proveauex says:

they don't know WTF there talking about 

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