Dancing Plague! A History of Infection #10.

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What caused unexpected boogie nights to occur throughout the middle ages and was it really a covenant with the devil or some moody bread that caused the salem witch trials? Find out this time on a History of Infection.

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Gen Eisenhower says:

i think the culprate was a very strange type of parasite that can take over and control the brain

Cali Roberts says:

Sorry about the repeat comment, due to some sort of technical difficulty either via the YouTube application, my device or internet I kept receiving a message saying unable to post comment. I had given up then to find it actually had posted it each time. I will try to delete the excess comments.

Cali Roberts says:

It's Intresting that the likely cause for dancing plague is also the most probable explanations for the Salem Witch Trials, this is not the first reference of wheat causing"mass hysteria"type behavior during the later Centuries,simply not having the information available and scientific ability possessed
RE "Dancing Plague!"
A History of Infection #10

CraniumOnEmpty says:

1:30 a pretty convincing magic finger trick. Joking. Interesting though.

FishHeadSalad says:

I have watched this guys vids in the past. I never subbed for some reason or another. That has been corrected.

"Subbed" !!!

TulilaSalome says:

Early flashmob?

Holammer says:

Made me think of "Ee ja nai ka" a mass hysteria where dancing was a central theme that spread among Japanese farmers between 1867 to 1868.
A reaction to the events leading up to the Meiji restoration.

manthasagittarius1 says:

Interesting correspondences there. Ergot is chemically related to LSD, and has also been used (as ergotamine tartrate) — as a migraine remedy, as you say. It seems to be a serotonin pathway relationship.

PifflePrattle says:

Judging from the number of fundy whack jobs still infesting North America, no input from ergot is needed to explain the town of Salem being "whipped up into a mass murdering mob".

KaijinDV says:

it sounds like an infection of sick beats. the only known cause is Jammin music, catchy tunes, and a carrier who's bursting with talent.

unfortunately it is fatal

profspop says:

Nicely done though perhaps a little depressing. Any idea what causes mass hysteria at Justin Bieber concerts?

Supersimpleman says:

Awesome videos! Thank you very much. very interesting. Keep it up!

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