Dancing and Singing for Discharged Ebola Patient in Sierra Leone

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In this video, International Medical Corps Ebola workers celebrate with Adama, the Ebola survivor, as she walks out of the Ebola Treatment Center for the last time.


Sbutterfly says:

beautiful :)

Angus Meade says:

I loved that guy dancing in the hazmat suit lol

Chris says:

How are there down votes?

Alex Barron says:

Glad they got it suppressed in some areas but it's probably just gonna pop back up soon

Naomi says:

0:11 What is a diease?

Kaz says:

Dude. African doctors are legit and dank as fuck.
I'd party with them.

Isabella. says:

Such great news. I'm so happy for these people. :)

Desmond Healy says:

All sub-par dance moves. Disliked.

draft galosa says:

I remember watching this in horror when it first showed up, what a resolution, so happy :)

Constantine Pathalalogos says:

Another outbreak in West Africa is inevitable, but the process of creating an effective vaccine for hemorrhagic fever will be hampered by anti vaccine groups citing 'evidence' it mentally degrades people.

Arthur N says:

0:130:19 a great .gif just waiting to happen.

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