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Dallas nurse speaks out about ebola care | Ebola Videos

Dallas nurse speaks out about ebola care

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Earlier this morning on NBC’s Today Show, Matt Lauer spoke with Briana Aguirre, a nurse at Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital, and her attorney Bob Kelley. S…

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Valerie Robles says:

Nurse Briana Aguirre is very brave. She is a true hero. God bless her.
She deserves help, protection, job security, and the best medical care
available should she ever be diagnosed with Ebola. And she deserves the
right to be treated at the hospital of her choosing. The hospital
administrators at Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital were criminally
negligent. The CDC is criminally negligent also. Shame on them all. I
hope they all go to prison!

matt e says:

Nothing is more detrimental to our profession than trained nurses claiming
they had no idea. We are required to know much about a lot of things, but
we are also required to educate ourselves on emerging threats. Simple
research would have showed her exposed neck was a non issue. We are not a
profession that requires guidance from a hospital. We set and establish
guidance for the hospital.

chefjimmie1 says:

The reason that nurses were not notified of the potential hazards is that
the whole thing is a false flag operation of the final kind. That is, they
want to build up the fear of this in the media to a frenzy and then get
everyone begging for vaccines so that they can kill many outright and
reduce reproductive rates in millions of others using their poison

I can’t believe that there are still people that don’t know that our
government WANTS US DEAD!!! Wake up, progressives! Look into the biggest
lie in American History…9/11 and see how they ALL knew and were complicit
in the murder of 3000 innocent Americans like you and me.

What’s it going to take for you to understand that there is a huge agenda
by the ones that control the world by deception? I know, it’s hard to
accept and to understand these things and it’s the last thing I want to
know about my gov’t but I can’t deny the lying and deceptions I have found
through studying the truth about them for the last 10 years.

Millions of people are going to die, yes, but it won’t be at the hand of
the rich and powerful elite, it will be as it is written in Revelation
where BILLIONS are going to die and this is all going to happen VERY SOON
because we are living in the last days of this age.

You can call me all the names you can think of even making up some new
ones, it doesn’t matter, I have been called every name in the book and it
doesn’t bother me in the least so you can save you time by not calling me
profane and vile names. You can threaten my life, screw with my car, even
try to hurt me but it won’t change the truth of what is going on in the
world right now.

My advice to anyone who disagrees with me on this it that they do extensive
research NOW before they pull the plug on the internet. Many people are
coming to realize that things are not what they seem to be and that we have
been set up for something very big by the very ones elected to protect us.
We are in the times directly before the time of trouble talked about by
every prophet in Holy Scripture.

What is more important than that is that you BELIEVE in the One who created
you and me and the sea and the stars and everything else seen and even the
things that we can’t see. His name is Jesus Christ and He is waiting
patiently to come and pick up His Bride, The Church, that is, everyone who
has placed their trust in Him since the beginning of time, the dead first
and then we who are alive and remain.

He will come in the clouds of Heaven (Himself, not sending His angels yet,
that is before Great White Throne Judgment) and with a voice like a trumpet
call us saying “come up hither” and we will be changed in the TWINKLING of
an eye (the shortest measure of time that there is, also called Planck
time) and He will receive us up into the clouds and so shall we ever be
with the Lord.

But watch out to the rest of the world and those that didn’t escape the
wrath that He is going to send on the unbelieving world. I have no time
here but you can read about those times in Revelation (the Seals and
Judgments and the Trumpet Judgments and the Vials of Judgments)

Asteroids, stars (Wormwood), even hail mixed with fire and blood will fall
on the earth. There will be a pole shift, earthquakes and the earth will
reel like a drunkard. There will be CME’s and other cosmic disasters.
Billions will die horrific deaths and those who don’t die right away will
die a tortuously slow and painful death by radiation and burning. There
will be Tsunami’s with waves that come up to the mountains (MILES high!)
and things that no man has ever seen since there have been men on the earth.

Now, you see why I am not at all worried about a fabricated disease that is
being used to frighten people into allowing the gov’t (that wants to kill
them) to inject them with who knows what? I think that the Book written by
inspiration of God telling of how the world will suffer in the end times is
MUCH more horrific than any lie any man or group of men can come up with.

But you can escape all of this because it is *still* not too late. If just
one person has read to this point and does what I say, it will be worth the
world to me (and eternity to them!). Please,…Believe in Jesus Christ.
If you doubt or are unsure of who He really is then get a King James Bible
(all others have been corrupted) and begin to read in the Gospel of John.
You will learn how to be saved and why it is so important. Don’t believe
what others have said about Him, do the searching for yourself!

Jesus Christ is God and He is the reason for every single person reading
any of this to have existence. He is the author of all things and He
doesn’t want ANYONE to perish but for everyone to have eternal life. That
is why He came to the earth clothed in the flesh of a man and willingly
gave His very life’s blood and sacrificed His life (yet came back from the
dead) so that whoever believes in Him, (that He is God and that His
sacrifice is the ONLY thing that can save anyone from eternal separation
from God in a place of eternal punishment), won’t end up paying their sin
debt in the Lake of Fire for eternity.

Don’t do that…Jesus paid that penalty for us and all we have to do is
believe and REPENT (turn from) our sins. If you ask Him to save you and
you mean it in your heart (you must believe that He is able to save you and
that He is God who Created you) IF you truly believe, you will REPENT and
be sorry for your sins. WELCOME TO HEAVEN! If you believed unto
confession of your sins YOU ARE SAVED. Do it today because tomorrow might
be too late. We are truly out of time.

So don’t fear that there is going to be a world pandemic of some terrible
disease…read how it really happens in the book of Revelation and
throughout God’s written word.

TheBooban says:

The truth is not only that the hospitals and medical staff were unprepared
of Ebola, the truth is that they are unprepared for anything at all!

Viruses and sicknesses routinely infect patients as doctors and nurses go
about bumbling through the day, and none of them give a shit about it,
because of human complacency and it just makes you pay more and you haven’t
a clue what’s going on.

And this is just part of the truth that happened to be exposed by something
as lethal as Ebola. The real truth is that this problem is everywhere, lack
of training, lack of information, rules and protocols falling like dandruff
from an unengaged management whose real interest is just to make you do
double the things you should be doing in that space of time and turning a
blind eye to the proper way of doing things because they don’t want to pay
you for it. You know it at your job!

The truth is that middle management is crap. And the fault of that is upper
management. We are all led through the nose by a bunch of assholes. That’s
the truth.

californication751 says:

The interviews with those who actually worked with Thomas Eric Duncan (as
opposed to dependance on hearsay) is on tonight on 60 minutes. There’s a
drastic difference between Aguirre’s interview and the manner with which
they speak (the level of professionalism, knowledge and understanding of
the issue and what happened) and their comments on what happened. Very much
worth watching once it’s posted on YT and far more reliable. I can again,
understand why she has/needs a lawyer.

Dana Vinokurov says:

this woman is a nurse..and yet knew nothing of ebola prior to treating
Duncan….America, I feel so sorry for all of your retarded inhabitants.

James Mappy says:

Breana you are a hero. You are right to speak out. You are dealing w/ a
Bioweapon of great danger. I think the Organization that stands to profit
if Ebola becomes pandemic should not be the ones telling how to protect
ourselves from it. Yes, the CDC owns the Patent on Ebola and had Crucell
develope a Vaccine as early as 2006 w/ monies from a Mr Bill Gates.

Publication #: CA2741523 A1
Publication Type: Application
Application #: CA 2741523
PCT #: PCT/US2009/062079
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Inventors: Jonathan S Towner, Stuart T. Nichol, James A. Comer, Thomas G.
Ksiazek, Pierre E. Rollin
Applicant: Jonathan S. Towner
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External Links: CIPO, Espacenet

goodDrummerman says:

Things have changed throughout the hospitals in the country. We are ready. 

tisdaec2 says:

I don’t think this bitch is prepared to be a nurse. I’ve been watching CNN
for the past week and I think I could do a better job at being a nurse than
all of the people at this hospital. Note to anyone visiting Dallas…if you
have to go to the hospital stay away from this one.

irishslave51 says:

Thought they learned this stuff in nursing school? Seriously, they don’t
know protocols for infectious disease or viruses? Good grief, what about
the docs? Yeah, what Drudge said: “self quarantine”.

ChingChongLingLong0h says:

Briana, thank you for speaking out. 

Dora Lee says:

If there is no protective gear then don’t work with Ebola infectious

Dealermann says:

Learn the truth. Stop watching Fox News. Doctors and Nurses TO QUIT THEIR
JOBS OVER Ebola . That is the truth. Ebola is spreading and you should be
worried. Very worried.

Tom Porter says:

Bakersfield Californian is ready. We Californians have the best doctors

ELStands says:

Briana is a real hero! This is what we expect from healthcare workers…the
honest truth and a willingness to speak out on behalf of what’s right. I
hope she is rewarded for her gumption and not punished.

The Ha¹¹ways Of The A¹ways says:

Really not sure how all these nurses are acting clueless considering it is
your job dealing with an incoming lethal virus to know. Just because the
administration didn’t make it mandatory to attend those 2 seminars about
Ebola, wouldn’t you realize you should probably go anyway? Not sure why
medical professionals with higher education than most think they are immune
to this and don’t make it a top priority. From the bottom of the “totem
pole” to the top, they are all at fault.

amommamust says:

My husband is a nurse. I am proud of you, and very grateful.

Tim Kasey says:

Sounds like this hospital is managed by a sixth grader. Let me guess, its a
female who was given the job because the equal rights morons threatened to
sue the hospital if they didn’t higher a woman into leadership?

ComedyVault101 says:

I can’t possibly thank this nurse enough for sharing the truth about what
went on in that hospital. Anyone saying that this is Obama’s fault, or that
this is all some elaborate scheme to make money off of vaccines, you’re
insane. The real problem here is that the public is not educated about this
virus, including many health care workers. They should NOT be sending new
Ebola patients to Texas Health Presbyterian. Just because they have dealt
with it there before doesn’t mean they did a good job, and they’re
certainly not prepared for subsequent cases of Ebola. Send them to Atlanta,
Maryland, or Nebraska. They have hospitals there with dedicated isolation
units. Had they done that with Thomas Eric Duncan, I honestly think we
would’ve stopped it right there, but he wasn’t a US citizen, so why the
hell should we give him the best care, right? smh

Garrett Gatlin says:

And there goes her career. She’s only been a nurse for 3 years, too. I
doubt she understands the gravity of what she’s just done. She’s definitely
not going to get another RN job in North Texas. 

californication751 says:

Much of what this nurse says is difficult to understand, especially since
she’s not an isolation nurse. She already came in contact with those who
came in contact with Duncan (and so, possibly didn’t really need the same
suiting as those with no record of exposure?). They don’t let nurses work
in isolation without knowing what they’re doing and receiving, in some
cases, extensive training, however. And she doesn’t even know the name of
the suit she claims to have worn (think of how badly the Dr. H. Wayne
Carver interview regarding Sandy Hook went).

In the case that she’s speaking out on her own (I have my doubts lol), this
probably wasn’t the best idea, but she knows that, which would explain her
cushioning her interview with (as some would call it) her “sob story” to
possibly fuel the sending in/receiving of donations (and, as is usually the
unfortunate case of certain privleges in this country, book/movie deals,
etc). She’s right at least, when alluding to the idea that medical workers,
in general, are in dire need of better precautionary measures now. Should
have known better than to go to the news as an individual about it, though.

mamacat954 says:

Briana you are so brave! You’re my hero! You are very smart to have an
attorney with you. No matter what happens to your job, you are doing the
right thing. Your whistle-blowing might actually lead to major changes in
healthcare in this country!
For those with negative comments – watch the entire interview first. Also,
unless you’re a registered nurse, I don’t think you understand that things
in the hospitals have changed so very much in the last 2 decades, that we
can’t do very much on our own unless it has been defined by a policy /
procedure. These changes have made things worse, not better.


Cathianne1 says:

Thank you Brianna, you are saving lives with your words. Is there a crowd
source account to help her?

Debra Garcia says:

Does she not watch what is going on in Africa…. this is what’s wrong with
the American people ,they take no responsibility for there know actions . I
don’t need the cdc to instruct me on ebola ive taken the time to look it
up and iam not even in the medical field. Another example most young people
don’t know the three branches of gov. GET INVOLVED ! and stop blaming
everyone else, and you wonder why are gov. is the way it is . HERES YOUR

El Diablo says:

Now they’re putting a media block or censoreship not air too much Ebola
related cases because its causing too much histeria and the markets not
reacting well. They believe we should let this thing happen its part of
human evolution mankind will get through it by the end but without
significant loses, it will just trim the herd and thats what these fat cats
are hoping for.

Lee Smith says:

This nurse did the right thing exposing how negligent the CDC is and the
hospital. Our government has not protected any of it’s citizens, and it’s
criminal how these health care workers have been treated. It’s inexcusable
that hospitals are unprepared. Nurses and other health care workers should
strike and refuse to care for anyone unless proper protective gear is
supplied. This is not a disease to play around with, yet our president
still allows flights in and out of this country that is infected. 

ISamuelII says:

Cut the costs of extra gear for those that actually do care for others, so
the top and share holders can reap rewards unearned.

jugifu says:

She should not be referred to as a nurse. She is now unemployed and
seeking employment anywhere that will take her.

Lee James says:

Doctors spend 4 years in college, 4 years in med school, and 6 years of
residencies and you can’t even implement basic principles of patient care?
Holy fuck even an uneducated dipshit would know the hazard of having an
opening in the neck region when treating a highly-infectious disease. Ban
idiots from becoming doctors, pls.

Diademglo says:

THANK GOD some people still know how to make a logical deduction without
getting approval from another person. She added it up and it didn’t make
sense. God please please help this woman get another job or let her
have her job back, she is a great nurse and you can see how this is
affecting her.

HoT LaVa (One of the Best rappers on YOUTUBE) says:

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SPAM that shit Nasty!!

Erick Salgado says:

That’s why a lot of people think the government for some reason wanted the
Ebola spread in US soil ( intentionally )

cetic mb says:

I’ve figured out that there are 2 kind of ebola : Black people’s Ebola
which is uncurable and white people’s Ebola curable..

iminidaho2004 says:

She says they didn’t talk about it, but they had a seminar? (I’m guessing
she didn’t go)
She is really concerned about her neck, wash your neck when you are done.

ladywithabrain12 says:

It takes a lot of courage to speak out as a nurse against management. Your
worst enemy is often the nurse manager, doctors and hospital
administrators. Once you are black balled, your career is over. I am ver
proud of this young lady. Very proud! She may have save some lives by
speaking up!

e james says:

let obama get his black ass in there and clean up the diarreah of ebola
Me? I’ll be sounding the call for a closed mexican border to keep amercans
safe from virus’s of all kinds.
who’s with me?????
si se puede………………….

mtcafa1 says:

It’s a Nurses Job to Save Your Ass. It’s the Goverments Job to Protect Us
From a Pandemic. Which They Obviously Breached. Good Luck with Quality
Healthcare When You Need it Most…Cuz Where Outta There!

Rainbow Warrior says:

It is the hospitals responsibility to have the proper equipment, to protect
workers. This hospital did not. How many others are like this one would be
my question. The lack of equipment is the cause of the other two nurses who
are now sick.

robbiedaug says:

Briana did the right thing. I hope the system doesn’t chew her up and make
her life miserable after all of this.
I also hope she will be free from Ebola.

We all need more people like her.

Rupert Atkinson says:

Lack of leadership. Put this lady in charge. But the leadership, being what
it is – will probably fire her, arrest her for whistle-blowing, and lock
her up.

Hai Nguyen says:

The guy running the CDC is a Clown, he blamed the Nurses and the Staff
Members for the spread of this terrible illness.
This is a very brave young lady, to come in front of the TV to expose the
system at that hospital. They are going to fire her for sure.

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