Coronavirus Vaccine: Drugmakers Test Ebola, HIV Medicines to Halt Virus

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Drugmakers are racing to find medicines that can curb the spread of the coronavirus as the infection bypasses China’s travel restrictions. #Coronavirus #China #Ebola #Vaccine

Pharmaceutical companies from Gilead Sciences Inc. to Moderna Inc. are pursuing two main strategies: helping to re-purpose medicines developed against other lethal viruses from Ebola to HIV, and relying on new technologies to develop a vaccine faster than ever before.

Deaths in China climbed to at least 80 on Monday as the country announced new measures, including an extension of the Lunar New Year holiday. Chinese authorities said the new respiratory virus isn’t under control despite aggressive steps to limit movement for millions of people who live in cities near the center of the outbreak.

Gilead’s experimental Ebola treatment remdesivir is being studied to determine whether it can combat the coronavirus — a member of a family of crown-shaped viruses that includes SARS as well as some forms of the common cold. The company said by email that it’s coordinating with researchers and clinicians in the U.S. and China.

Meanwhile, doctors in China have started using a combination of AbbVie Inc.’s HIV drugs ritonavir and lopinavir at hospitals. A clinical trial is assessing whether the combination, sold under the brand name Kaletra, is more effective than an antiviral medicine known as interferon-alpha 2b in treating patients.

The use of existing drugs for a new virus, especially one whose patterns aren’t well known, is entirely experimental, and there is no guarantee of success.

A smaller company, Vir Biotechnology Inc., is also evaluating whether some of its previously developed monoclonal antibodies — proteins grown from living cells that can be used to neutralize pathogens — can be used against the coronavirus strain.

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Alisha Monique says:

It has HIV dna in it. We’re basically dealing with airborne aids. It’s not something you get and then recover. It’s man made. SARS ebola and HIV combo.

abhishek says:

Is Nimoniya + ebola+ tv+hiv mixed drugs work for development covid 19 vaccine ????? Just test laboratory team

D O E S says:

They will side effect more weakens to kill people quickly

SonganDrakensang says:

AN QUICK TAKE: Bitte recherchieren und an die Öffentlichkeit bringen:

Erfolgreiche Coronavirus-Behandlung mit Medikamentencocktail in Thailand!

Virus nach Gabe von Grippe- und HIV-Medikamenten angeblich nicht mehr nachweisbar

Die thailändischen Behörden haben eine erfolgreiche Behandlung des neuartigen Coronavirus mit einem Cocktail aus Grippe- und HIV-Medikamenten gemeldet. Der Zustand einer mit dem Virus infizierten Frau aus China habe sich nach der Gabe des Medikamentencocktails dramatisch verbessert, berichtete das Gesundheitsministerium in Bangkok am Sonntag. Binnen 48 Stunden nach dem Beginn der Behandlung sei das Virus bei der Patientin nicht mehr nachweisbar gewesen, sagte der Mediziner Kriengsak Attipornwanich.

Die Ärzte gaben der Frau eine Kombination aus dem Grippe-Medikament Oseltamivir und den zur Behandlung von HIV eingesetzten antiviralen Wirkstoffen Lopinavir und Ritonavir. Nun solle der Medikamentencocktail im Labor weiter getestet werden, erklärte das Ministerium.

In Thailand wurden bislang 19 Infektionen mit dem neuartigen Coronavirus nachgewiesen, dies ist nach Japan die zweithöchste Zahl von Fällen außerhalb Chinas. Acht der Patienten sind inzwischen geheilt, elf werden noch in Krankenhäusern behandelt.

Martin Conta Gets Banned says:

Ebola and HIV to medicine cure it, the evidence for it being a bioweapon just keeps stacking, and stacking….

rudy26th sternritter says:

Jesus Christ is real repent from your sins in his name and he will repay, if not he will recompense your sin. God loves you but hates your sin.

small ed says:


Tim Barbieri says:

The cure for the Ebola virus was the standard long term non progressive treatment. So basically no virus kills everyone except Rabies. Get someone who had Ebola and lived…? Harvest their blood and give it to an infected person so the antibodies from the original host can work on the second person and so on. It wasn't a drug in the case of Ebola. That being said it is a drug in the case of HIV. However using the same protocol as the Ebola model makes you wonder if there are long term non progressive's in the HIV community. If so wouldn't that cure AIDS…?


Do you People realize What Drugs they are testing on this Virus? They are admitting to using HIV drugs & Ebola Drugs to combat this Virus!!!
Use your gut instinct here And common sense. They know exactly where this Virus started

Gary Jue says:

HIV Virus Like Insertions Found In Coronavirus

InfusedSediment says:

In 1986, the supreme court ruled in Bruesewitz v. Wyeth, that vaccines are considered an “unavoidably unsafe” product. The National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program (NVICP) was enacted in October of 1988. The NVICP is a federal no fault system set up to compensate individuals who’ve been injured or killed by vaccines. To date, over 3.5 Billion has been settled in court cases.
In addition to the NVICP being established, pharmaceutical companies were given indemnity and thus bear no liability. Because of the dangers of vaccines, more and more people are being injured and killed and tax-payers are footing the bill. Yes, that’s right, YOU pay for these wrong doings, not the pharmaceutical companies. You cannot sue the maker of the vaccine.
Are vaccines safe? If they were, don’t you think the pharmaceutical companies would stand behind them?
Vaccines are not safe, if they were, VAERS and the  (NVICP)  WOULD NOT EXIST, nor would the fund for vaccine victims have grown to almost $3.5 Billion.
If vaccines are safe, then why have the courts ruled they are not? In addition, why did your government pass a law shielding pharmaceutical companies from being held liable for faulty vaccines? If you aren’t convinced there are dangers of vaccines yet, keep reading.

Chief Tahchawwickah says:

The only cure is to send all Caucasians from the US over and leave them in China

Kushal Shahi says:

Be Positive

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