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Conservatives Blame Obama For Ebola | Ebola Videos

Conservatives Blame Obama For Ebola

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PBS host Tavis Smiley on Sunday lashed out at Weekly Standard Editor Bill Kristol over suggestions that countries in Africa experiencing Ebola outbreaks be “…

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Alex g greenfurt says:

Ebola is of minor concern, it’s nothing compared to what we could have: we
can have a virus with an almost 100 percent fatality rate or very close to
it at 90 percent, an incubation period of several weeks, it being airborne
and could be transmitted through bodily fluids, an maybe even certain other
animals might carry it. Such a virus would possibly kill billions, it would
throw the world into chaos. Civilization would collapse, there is no
contingency plan that would save us. Yet the morons who run this country
keep cutting the cdcs funding. Some budgets should be unlimited, just right
them a blank check and the cdc is one of those cases.

topher2seattle says:

The Reagan era was just the opposite, it was absolutely President Reagan’s
fault that HIV got out of hand in the US because he thought it was just a
“gay disease”, and therefore did next to nothing to fight the new fatal
disease, because it only affected “the gays”. President Obama knows so
much more about Ebola than President Reagan ever knew about
HIV…intentionally. Ebola and HIV have the same history…monkey to man.

jbgainesii says:

I’m a Obama fan and I don’t see the big deal about the Obola logo. It’s
kind of funny.
Just cause some dumb conservatives are freaked out doesn’t mean we can’t
laugh at their good jokes… they are so far and few between.

Lonnie Dobbins III says:

Cristol need to be charged for treason.

Jason Melendez says:

Ebola deaths in America are 1. Not just less than 10. There has been only 1
death from Ebola in the US at the time of this post. 

baserocklove says:

“not even vanilla moderate gun reforms.”

You do realize on the supposed “clean” background check bill diane
feinstein stapled two amendments that would have banned about 90% of hte
magazines in the country and all ar15 and ar style weapons right?

That is not moderate and vanilla. That’s most draconian banning of private
property and infringing on a constitutional right we’ve had since 1932
masquerading as moderate gun reform.

If you want to blame somebody for that not passing, blame our party, the
democrats. They lied to the entire country about what that bill would do.
If they had kept it to what it originally was and didn’t allow feinstein to
tamper with it, it probably would have passed. We could not only have
probably passed it, but if it DIDN’T pass, we could have used it for
political leverage.

literally ALL it would have done was help keep guns out of crazy people and
criminals hands, but instead, the republicans can take the high road and
say yet again “The democrats were trying to destroy your 2nd amendment
rights.”, that’s exactly what that bill was.

Adam Langfelder says:

Kristol is a worthless reactionary propaganda cheerleader. There’s never
been a war he wasn’t in favor of, because he knows it’ll pad his account.
His twitter account is stunning for all the comments against him. He’s a
leper in DC but no one wants to tell him.

Celtic Bird says:

Conservatives blaming Obama for something? What the fuck else is new……

Andrew Hagopian says:

All I can say is that we are damn lucky this is not a real pandemic. If
anything good can come from this, one thing would be that we can recognize
the ways in which we are not prepared for such an occurrence. It’s not
just the response of government agencies that are showing some holes; the
most worrisome aspect is the response of the American psyche at work. So
much irrational, ignorant fear mongering. Some much lunatic fringe
conspiracy dominates the narrative. I can’t imagine the hysteria and panic
that would ensue in the case of a Spanish Flu type outbreak.

Jimmy Hall says:

I tripped over my shoe lace and fell on my face. Thanks Obama.

ThePharphis says:

I knew you were going to mention the flu, and good timing! Flu shots are
being given out at my school (in Ontario) in a week or two, and for the
first time i’m going to get one. I feel silly for not having done this in
the past but thanks to my interest in learning about anti-vaxxers and stuff
it really is illuminating how important vaccines are for the flu

Craxin01 says:

I’d like to point out that your comment on smoking related deaths is
accurate, but your statement about putting things into your body is fine as
long as you’re not hurting others doesn’t apply to smoking. When you
smoke, you’re poising yourself, but you’re also poisoning others. I grew
up with my grandfather smoking two packs of cigarettes a day, and I was
chronically sick with lung problems. He decided to quit, took him a few
months, and not a smoke in twenty years. My lungs got better almost
immediately. So, smoking hurts the smokers and the people around them too.

Jeff Chang says:

I am not worried about Ebola, I just don’t want to increase the risk of
death. Why create addition risk? Let’s just temporarily suspend visas of
those from Ebola infected countries.

The government never stated that a suspension of visas would be effective,
all the CDC did was to play a false dilemma. Furthermore, it is Obama’s
fault for not suspending non-essential visas from countries with widespread

P.S. Regarding the flu, the flu primarily effects older persons and the
young. Ebola affects everyone. 

Gary Hawkins says:

This guy don’t have a clue of what’s really going on first off,their has
never been an Ebola case in the states till now, Obama didn’t follow
protocol,2nd Ebola is a pretext for all of the executive orders Obama
signed,who gains from an Ebola outbreak,the CDC major funding,their might
be a medical marshal law quarantine at gun point femacamps are open for
business wake America

sinfulsolutionz says:

American’s aren’t that bright… People are numb to flu or gun deaths,
EBOLA or ISIS, is a NEW sexy term that the media has to fear monger the
population, and sadly it works… If you truly want to worry, worry about
the flu and just random gun violence… ebola and isis aren’t even close to
killing you… and the media should be curb stomped for even making this a
story to embellish their ratings, it’s sickening 

Spencer Bartlett says:

America is frightened of a virus that can be killed with soap.

ObscureEcho says:

It was really cold this morning, it’s Obama’s fault.

I was sick this weekend, thanks a lot Mr. President, it’s all your fault. 

Stitchman3875 says:

You gotta remember, people blame Obama for the Titanic sinking, AIDS, The
Kennedy Assassination, The Black Plague, The Extinction of The Dinosaurs,
Justin Bieber……

Jeanmartin Freites says:

This is not surprising. 

xenoblad says:

My nose is stuffy.

Courtney Haynes says:

How many people died in 9/11? 3,000
How many people died in Obama’s “9/11” #Benghazi? 4.
How many people died in Katrina? Roughly 2,000
How many people died in Obama’s Katrina #Ebola? 1

So republican disasters roughly equal democratic disasters… times 1000.

Omy . says:

why do people still want to listen to Bill kristol???? Arghhhh..
why do shows even invite him to their shows??? 

Earthly Gardener says:

The problem about Ebola is that its highly contagious and quite deadly
(50-70% mortality rate). That means if you get it theres a good chance
youre going to die. And being that its as contagious as it is, it could
also quite quickly wipe out 10’s of thousands if not millions without
control; control as in quarantine of individuals, control as in quarantine
of nations.
Sure, 10’s of thousands die from the flu each year; but millions and
millions get it and survive; its not a 70% death rate.
Sure, half a million die of cancer each year, but cancer isnt contagious.
We should take steps to quarantine those nations and seal the borders.

john doe says:

Ebola is not Obamas fault but ebola arriving in the US is obamas fault

Say Like It Is says:

Could you imaging if Repubs blamed Obama for Gun violence in America, you
have Gun Control finally LOL

meaturama says:

Ebola or Ebama?

XHellXGeistX says:

Conservatives blame Obama when they clog their toilets with all the shit
they’re full of.

Augustinus Crohnum says:

What Ebola??Its a mere minor threat man, I only recall a poor doggy was
fkin killed cause yeah, why not, lets kill a fkin dog

Hunter Beason says:

Right wingers blaming Obama…called it.

Cheri Gaspero says:

My clock stopped, so I was late for an appointment, and I forgot to mail a
letter …and it’s ALL Obama’s fault!

rehl25 says:

Deers kill ~130 people each year. (in US only)
Fear the real killer.
(and Mosquitos kill ~600,000, but that is a worldwide stat.)

branden saunders says:

I love your channel!

Shawn Smith says:

Now that ebola is officially not Obama’s problem, we can all agree that
hurricane Katrina was not Bush’s problem.

Lordpoison67 says:

DEATH by tea cosy LOL

Ronin Dave says:

So the same group that wants limited government and screams Obama is a
dictator want him to jump on Ebola and start exercising dictatorial powers
closing off borders, stopping flights, and quarantining? And where is their
criticism of Texas and Dallas officials?

Darran Kern says:

You have no idea how MUCH it infuriates me that every time Sandy Hook comes
up, all anyone talks about is gun control reform.

Anybody want to acknowledge the fucking shambles and bullshit that is the
state of
mental-healthcare in America? Do you have any idea how little we spend on
the treatment of the people who end up snapping like this? You fucking act
like a sentient gun up and shot those kids by itself!

I am completely in favor of stricter gun control policy in this country.
But if you think that will stop mass shootings, you are dead fucking wrong.

Carlos Sandoval says:

Ok Kyle, the flu is more dangerous than ebola. Cigarretes are more
dangerous than ebola. of course. ¬¬

Kyle, your reasoning on this shit is so fucked up. ¿And you call yourself
rational? You really surprised me this time dude. So wrong. 😉 You are
concluding that since more people have died from X, then it’s more lethal
or dangerous. That is one of the dumbest things you have ever said.

fox21231 says:

Thanks Obama!

Tony Grant says:

Of all the people,the EXPERTS they could have brought in to talk about
Ebola and how the whole Thomas Eric Duncan situation could been handled
differently,you bring in Bill fucking Kristol! ABC News,you are dead to me

Sugar Ocain says:

Black Death, Spanish Flu, The Great Fire of London, The Spanish
Inquisition, the death of Reeva Steenkamp, the Holocaust, 9/11,
Cretaceous–Paleogene Mass extinction, Ray Comfort, Ken Ham – All Obama’s
fault so why the suprise about his hand in Ebola? 

tony weads says:

like you said , a lot of shit killing people here, why add more to
it? close down the fucking airline from there! 

Carlos Sandoval says:

Stupid Kyle. Some things are not about numbers, some things are about
common sense. It’s about the inherit danger within. So numbers won’t change
the fact that the Ebola virus is one of the most dangerous things right now
because of how it needs to be treated in order to guarantee its
conteinging. Of course it is something to worry about, because if that
number grows, it’s exponentially more damaging that all deseases combined.
So STFU =) and let people worry at ease, ¡Shit! 

Jovan Mitrić says:

Obama: “It’s because I’m black, isn’t it?” 

Pul5ar says:

I drank too much, now I have a hangover – THANKS OBAMA!

Nuance6 says:

its because his black, if this was bush none of this would be said. country
is to racist to care about facts

cne08 says:

I knew conservatives would blame Obama for Ebola, I’m just surprised it
took them this long to do so. 

RiggsBF says:

When was the last time the Right-Wing was ever right about anything?

Turandot29 says:

My dog overturned his water dish. THANKS, OBAMA!

Blue Marks says:


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