Congo says 3 new Ebola cases confirmed in large city of 1.4 million people

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Darwin Award today to the WHO who said WHO said there should be no international travel or trade restrictions tho the risk of the spread of the Ebola is high.




bill davis says:

We had in the UK a nurse who contacted it in the last outbreak.she was a volunteer medical staff.i hope and pray that this horrible disease can be brought under control.this is why I have a food store for such emergencies such as infection out breaks, economy collapse.i recommend people have at least three months food and water set aside.we all say it wount affect us in other countries but you can never garantee it.

Ruth Nagarya says:

stop all air travel from the Congo…period

Kathryn Boyle says:

who and CDC I'm sure are working together ……not good for us

Richard King says:

Yeah quarantine the whole continent

Al G says:

Thank You Mary, once again, for reporting what the Big News Corps dont.. And Please Folks, lets not go and create a false premise about the potential vaccines folks…. This new outbreak of Ebola is not from a "vaccine"… its been brewing for over a month now, as Ebola has an incubation period of 10 to 30 days… and the first deaths were alleged almost a month ago. The experimental vaccine's were just sent there barely a week ago. That said, this latest Ebola outbreak hasn't gone airborne, but God help us all if it does mutate into an airborne strain. And if it does, you all will be begging for any vaccine available. Hemmoragic Fevers are one of THE worst diseases on the planet.

Ropstens Väktare says:

Obviously the goverment is trying to kill their own workforce cause that makes sense

L Gree says:

Another vaccine. Be aware. 👀

christine mulholland says:

didnt they make a trial vacsine from tabacco last time ?? these poor people… and yes the WHO is a death trap… or just money hungery

Rebecka Ann Souza says:

They should not be alound to travel Dr. Nurse,anyone…simples

flamingpie herman says:

Wait a minute…because they have a "good" vaccine we now have an outbreak of the disease caused by the vaccine??. That doesn't even make sense! Or is it just me?? so stop already with the vaccines and no more issues.

Zealot The Fallen says:

ALL in POWER are going with the AGENDA to kill off HUMANITY Period Cities across the world will start to have problems with mass sicknesses because of the chemtrails. Flaka will be sprayed on large cities. I write this because it needs to be said before it is too late. Research Flaka a man made drug that will 100% put any city in chaos within 1-10 minutes of contact with it. The Evil running this world is getting very desperate more mass deaths will start as more schools will be hit. God Bless

Gary Shorelle says:

I understand that the US Govt. regime owns the patent on the Ebola virus.

carl blackman says:

the vaccine will spread the disease.

Kathleen Bemis says:

We know that there's more than 500 people affected. Those 500 people were in contact with other people. And they went shopping, touched food and shopping carts. They went out to eat at restaurants, used public restrooms, were around Co-Workers, etc. They don't say anything about all of the above mentioned places of contact. Oh, boy!!! And they aren't going to restrict flights??? We all are aware of how contagious the Ebola Virus is. The Congo and surrounding areas need to be without a doubt quarantined!!!!! CDC needs to be called out on this one.

Pat Geren says:

Bible prophecy alive . Kenites take Jerusalem , the fulfillment of Jeremiah 24. Now God will make them a reproach and proverb (verse 9). And God will send the sword, the famine, and the pestilence among you ( verse 10 ).

WALT. E. KURTZ says:

And Ebola is spreading like a flu…

A Lost Pilgrim's Journey says:

Beware the government that says they have come to help.

Bee Lucky says:

Miracle Mineral Solution… Jim Humble.

Gods Skypig1 says:

Hi Mary, another Lvl4 outbreak of an unknown virus in India, 3 dead there so far

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