Congo May Have 2 Virus Outbreaks as a New Ebola Case Emerges

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A new case of the Ebola virus has been confirmed in Congo just 3 days before the country was expected to declare an end to the outbreak. Now, their health system may be faced with battling 2 virus outbreaks at once.

The new case was confirmed in Beni, a community that had been an epicenter of the second-deadliest Ebola outbreak in history.

It had been nearly 42 days without a case, and WHO chief Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus said Congo’s declaration had been planned for Monday. “We have been preparing for and expecting more cases,” he said, reflecting the caution that mixed with optimism in recent days.

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If this is real coronavirus the last thing we need to worry about.

Sara Natali says:

If Ebola becomes airborne… humanity is doomed

Johnnie Johnson says:

Now they said it's ended in Africa I'm so lucky they have a vaccine for it

Vietnamese man Mac says:

There is a vaccine for Ebola but it has not been fully eradicated like small pox says:

As if everything going on in 2020 wasn’t enough 😑😒

loll local says:

You know what we need rn at this time of 2020 OBAMA !

Jose Santos says:

We rlly finna die

Mucimcabawewaezwas Yowusm says:

What did we do to 2019?

Cruz Faria says:

It’s back

Clash Clans says:

It's time to time travel


Close the board please

kenny Hoang says:

I’m scared

Baby Yoda says:

atleast we know ALOT about this virus and there is already a promising vaccine and cure going under trials

Nicolai Romanoff says:

If Ebola becomes a pandemic, it is the end of the world

Yolo lil says:

Ebola + coronavirus= super airborn virus

Collin Heuer says:

Now that everyone is focused on the coronavirus and it worsening and is a global pandemic. if it blows up in Africa with the Ebola virus we may see it mutate with it and they both don't have a cure for it so it could globalise too and then with the great recession/depression which will be and it probably will be. be even worse then the great depression in the 20s/30s .probably most of the human race will die including not only sicknesses but also starvation,or getting killed,war,riots,and natural disasters

robin pickett says:

Can we close the border this time?

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