Concern Grows Over Spread of Ebola in Liberia: This Just In

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Concern grows over spread of Ebola in Liberia. A curfew has been set in the slum of West Point this week. Reports show bodies lying for days before being removed. The WHO estimates the death toll from Ebola at over 1,300.

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C Martel says:

Watch the Vice News report about this slum and "shit beach".  These people can't even dig a latrine.  They sit on the beach or in the street and walk around in it.  Maybe they are waiting for a foreign aid worker to dig a latrine for them.  Ebola will become endemic in Liberia like Cholera, AIDS, TB and every other disease spread by filth and ignorance.

A N D Y says:

Bring out Ye ded

A N D Y says:

Bring out Ye ded

alz123alz says:

Health workers should apply  3 per cent hydrogen peroxide on their  skin to build up the immune system.  The T-Cells in your body releases hydrogen peroxide to kills viruses and pathogens. Apply a 3 per cent solution of hydrogen peroxide on your skin and the capillaries will carry it all over your body.. 

Ahav91 says:

let it spread.

Sho Splash says:

Sigh, no one can clearly see all these deceases are to reduce world population

Olivia Licato says:

Why the fuck are you racist

evil Duck says:

Thousands of people die of ebola in Africa, and no medicine..
Two Americans get infected and suddenly there's a vaccine.

Nash Bash says:

Can u guys do documentary on Ebola please

You're Not The Only One Who Saw This Song From Somewhere says:

Oh my god the people in the comments are some of the worst people in the world.

equarg says:

Ebola is a scary disease that is easy to spread (thru any touch, but not air born yet) they are not sire where it comes from, and if the disease went global, it could DESTROY the global societies of earth.
Not to mention the over 60% fatality rate.
You all should look up the Great Flu outbreak during WW1…..

Bobby Hill says:

Once the death toll reaches 50,000; that's the breaking point, it will spread to other countries. Out of those death, there is more people that are infected with it and continues to spread. A disease with a r-0 of 1-4 to reach to that point is surprising but not new. It could change to like 12-18 and the Ebola virus starts to mutate further to additional transmissions/symptoms such as airborne droplet and systemic infection or even total organ failure.

Angry goku says:

As a american I say NUKE THIS COUNTRY


Looks like they will be the last of us…get it? HA

Spc.Flack says:

from a place that weeks earlyer said there was no Ebola

Pavlin Tsonev says:

What I don't understand is why are they crying when they've been told not to eat bush meat :/

Commodore Man says:

Would you be concerned standing there exposed to the air, filming with your phone, among other people with bio hazard protective suits? That doesn't make any sense at all, if you ask me.

George Abek says:

Hey victor T. You with the high I.Q "murder in COULD BLOOD" ??please check yourself first. Africa the mother land period

Kenny Dang says:

The fuck is this Ebola bull shit…?  Justin Bieber's hair makes a better head line.

Michael Poon says:

Vice News has some of the most toxic commentors I've ever seen. Sorry you have to put up with us, Vice.

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