Comparing Ebola crisis to '95 outbreak

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Robyn Curnow interviews Dr. David Satcher, former U.S. Surgeon General and CDC Director, on the current Ebola outbreak.


Phillips Mom says:

Yep, keep lying to us……….it's AIDS all over again, but worse.

Definitely Cortez says:

If someone has the initial fever they are NOW SICK with the disease. The virus IS is all bodily fluids. If that person coughs or sneezes the virus travels out into the air on droplets expelled by the patient. These droplets (especially in a closed enclised space) can and do expand out on any air current/fan/air conditioner and may be inhaled by another individual. Strictly speaking this is NOT considered airborne transmission by medical personnel. For me, it's close ENOUGH. The medical and media community are allowing semantics to cloud the issue AND the FULL DISCLOSURE about the virus that the public should have. Now, Im going to purchase a few bottles of bleach, surgical disinfectant for skin, latex gloves and surgical masks…JUST in case. Not expensive or hard to get UNLESS there is a sudden need.

ANDROiD_eKa says:

Ebola can be transmitted by air it just needs to be mixed with the common flu and with the protein of the flu it can last longer in the air.

Why the hell do they keep lying to the masses?

JohnKimble says:

if a chef gets Eboa its gonna spread quick as shit

MrMaloty says:

This gentle man is ill informed.  Ebola does spread through the air.  Why do they continue to lie to the public?

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