CNN's Dr. Sanjay Gupta suits up in Ebola protective …

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Dr. Sanjay Gupta suits up & removes personal protective equipment that the CDC recommends when treating an Ebola patient


Jay Young says:

From what I've been reading, maybe Sanjay Gupta should give The Old Country a revisit the next time he's out helping the Third World.  Apparently, India has a load of problems of its own.

MK L says:

You emphasize skin was exposed. The video was done appropriately..

David Hammond says:

Thank you Dr. Gupta.

Andy Taplin says:

There a cure only on animal but human not yet

whyhurhur says:

I am not trying to troll, but at 1:53, how does he knows that there is a stain on his neck? He did not touch his neck with his hand or clothings through out the video

freedenmac says:

Im sorry but this guy is a fucking idiot. CNN, I'm honestly tired of this fear mongering BS. Im a nurse and any current and sensible healthcare worker knows that gloves go on last and come off first. You remove them in alphabetical order so gloves, goggles, gown and mask. This "doctor" who hasn't practiced in God knows how long is gonna show us how to take this stuff off. He did everything you are not supposed to do just to create fear. It is not proper procedure to take gloves off last or at the same time as when you pull off your gown. Pay him no attention guys. If health workers were this incompetent, we would have had a lot more epidemics than we've had. 

crazyriders83 says:

As Dr Sanjay Gupta says, throughout the history of Ebola it wan't until this year that Ebola had ever been transmitted from a patient to a healthcare worker…The first case of Ebola we have in the US gets transmitted to at least two healthcare workers. Doctors and nurses are dropping like flies in Africa.

Something isn't right here. This virus has obviously become more contagious. Perhaps it can live longer outside of its host. Perhaps it has adapted to permeate human skin. Perhaps it takes less virus to start an infection than it used to.

Something has happened, and I don't think the CDC understands yet what is going on.

warequalsnofuture says:

Carbage propaganda bullshit! Who believes this crap?

Strange also that several people where busted while dropping FORMALDEHYDE into
the communties drinking water wells, which causes the same symptoms Ebola does.

Strange coincidence, right?

And why is nearly everyone wearing clothes colored light green when most mainstream TV stations
are making reports about ebola?

And why are between 1-2 million people dying from Malaria (mostly) in Africa each year and noone
is doing shit about it, and now supposedly 4000 people died and billions of dollars are spent on "helping" them?

In fact the poor African people are getting vaccinated with stuff that has not been tested AT ALL,
not the least bit. NOTHING. NIENTE! 

What's in those vaccines?!

Even "normal" vaccines are unhealthy as it gets. There's quicksilver/mercury and aluminum inside 
vaccines. One alone is causing huge health problems in the mid term, but both together don't just add up, they multiply big time.

Never, NEVER, N E V E R let them scare you into taking the toxic and untested (as if that would help) vaccines.

Each year like 500.000 people die in the world from regular flu! 

ONE or TWO people have died in the US from Ebola. SCAAARY, isn't it? 

Seems like the world is going to end soon. Why? Ebolie kills us all!!!

Of course I am joking, but what might possibly really kill you are the vaccines!

Never ever take them. 

I can't do more than to warn you. Sry.

emoney howard says:

Man dis shit scares da fuk out of me.. I think dis shitt is a terrorist attack… CDC needs to hurry n produce Zmapp itz da cure

jgoobix says:

Why does everyone with Ebola wear green? Why does Monsanto own a patent on ebola? Why are people believing this crap?

$1,000,000 says the nurse lives and a mandatory vaccine is rolled out.

Mike Garfield says:

Put cnn in quorten

Travis Repine says:

He's right. This type of garment is waaay to easy for contamination. A full Hazmat suit like the one that they had at Emory Hospital is the wisest and safest choice if you ask me..

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