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CNN’s Dr. Sanjay Gupta suits up in Ebola protective gear | Ebola Videos

CNN’s Dr. Sanjay Gupta suits up in Ebola protective gear

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Dr. Sanjay Gupta suits up & removes personal protective equipment that the CDC recommends when treating an Ebola patient.

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Вадим Танцюра says:

Американский нейрохирург, на примере шоколадного соуса показывает,
насколько легко медицинскому персоналу заразиться лихорадкой Эбола. Он
подчеркивает, что полностью следует протоколу Центра по контролю и
профилактике заболеваний США. То есть именно так должны одеваться и
раздеваться все американские врачи и прочий медицинский персонал, имеющий
дело с пациентами, больными лихорадкой Эбола. 

Mark Mccurdy says:

How effective is protective gear when exposed to #Ebola? CNN’s Sanjay Gupta
effectively demonstrates. What do you guys think?

#cnn #sanjaygupta #ebola 

Jessica Meyer says:

How effective is protective gear when exposed to #Ebola? CNN’s Sanjay Gupta
effectively demonstrates. What do you guys think?

#cnn #sanjaygupta #ebola 

Eli says:

This isn’t protective. you need to create a new suit made for this. Ebola
is extremely risky. 

Ryan C says:

How effective is protective gear when exposed to #Ebola? CNN’s Sanjay Gupta
effectively demonstrates. What do you guys think?

#cnn #sanjaygupta #ebola 

Douglas Lee says:

Sanjay Gupta demonstrates how, when dealing with potential infections,
removing protective gear can be dangerous. #CDC #Ebola #Healthcare

redmoonspider says:

I’d like to take the geniuses who came up with that suit, and make then
wear it in Africa. I wonder how long they’d last.

Meloney Hall says:

CNN’s Dr. Sanjay Gupta suits up in Ebola protecti…:

Luis Muniz says:

Sorry double gloves and the inner gloves are duck taped to the gound. And
we have full body suit , the cdc recommended this as a minimum. Still WTF.
I would go full rubber suit and upon exiting the negative flow room have a
decon sprayer before removing the suit. For the ammount of time clinical
staff has to spend in and out the pt room a good rubber suit is worth there
safety. +1 if you though dirty in that last sentence. 

drummerboy smith says:

If that’s the best we got, we NEVER should have even brought back our own
doctors that were infected and we should definitely clamp down on inbound
flights and come up with a better fucking suit for health care workers and

xenøмanтis says:

Looks… tricky. Could be better. Leaves a lot of room for human error

notquiteafembot says:

Health care workers need to wear space suits, and they should be sprayed
down with chlorine or bleach thoroughly before removal. These “suits” are a

Ebola is incredibly infectious. In the later stages, there are billions of
viral particles in a single drop of blood. It only takes 1 to 10 to infect

FreeYourMind says:

Chocolate sauce? Looks more like he’s been fisting Anderson Cooper.

Thanny says:

This man is a fool. That is not the right gear, the right way to put it
on, or the right way to take it off.

Feah Altura says:

BTW the manner of DONNING and REMOVAL of the PPE in the demonstration – is
WRONG. This is not the CDC recommendations. Please get trained first before
criticizing the process.

Luis Muniz says:

I originally thought he was attempting to replicate how the rn possibly got
infected, but no he actually is attempting to show how to remove the gear
safely. He still did wrong and actually did not put on all the gear the cdc
recommended. I know how to remove the gear safely, but I am attempting to
actualy find if anyone has actually done this video right.

Stephanie Hughes says:

As he said… they do it differently in Africa… because Africa has the
experience with this disease to understand just how bad it really is….
This is a heck of a lot easier to transfer than most people think…. 

Artur Dzedai says:

so does chocolate sauce contain ebola or what?

ChingChongLingLong0h says:

Medical workers in Liberia have better uniforms then this.

fujimatosa says:

Why they didn’t deactivate protective gear, before take it off? Learn from
military how to remove contaminated suit.

Slotinvids says:

Yeah, that doesn’t look protective at all.

madmanatsea says:

I have a garden sprayer from Lowes and several gallons of chlorine so I am
prepared to go anywhere and start Spraying!

steve McQueen says:

Funny, when the cdc guys show up they are wearing lvl 4 suits.

freeradiorevolution says:

Suit him up in a straight jacket and toss him off the Brooklyn Bridge!

highlands says:

The CDC actually recommends that you take your gloves off first, I’d like
to see him do it again that way because I think there are still issues.

Their poster can be found here.


madmanatsea says:

Why not do like they do in Liberia?
Someone would be in-Charge of spraying chlorine on Gupta before he took
that gear off if he were in Liberia!

Why not sanitize before removing any clothing?
These healthcare workers and CDC are spreading fear in this country by not
using acceptable procedures to neutralize that virus.

rg0057 says:

What a surprise, Sanjay doesn’t know what he’s doing.

I am told that CBS shows how to put on this gear correctly (i.e. not the
way Sanjay did) but I am unable to view the CBS video from my location. (F
you CBS… your video is worthless if nobody can see it).

maillaarni says:

And the way he forces to rip off the gown can make some contaminants, body
fluids on him to fly off somewhere.

Dan Kleffmann says:

What a poor demonstration!!! 

andresbu says:


Bloke Poppy says:

just spray with chlorine before and after removal. 

Gabriel Robinson says:

I vote for Sanjay to use this gear for 3×12 hour ICU nurse shifts since he
decided it was OK to *blame nurse*.

rvolt24 says:

Gupta says you simply have to cover your skin… Then he leaves his neck
and scalp exposed… And when he takes off the suit, he demonstrates how
difficult it is to exit cleanly, even possibly infecting himself with his
gloves… Not to mention how he doesn’t address his pants and shoes… This
whole thing is a joke… Simply meant to placate the ignorant.

John Rhodes says:

This is CDC recommendations and it’s the hospitals/nurses fault???

warequalsnofuture says:

Carbage propaganda bullshit! Who believes this crap?

Strange also that several people where busted while dropping FORMALDEHYDE
the communties drinking water wells, which causes the same symptoms Ebola

Strange coincidence, right?

And why is nearly everyone wearing clothes colored light green when most
mainstream TV stations
are making reports about ebola?

And why are between 1-2 million people dying from Malaria (mostly) in
Africa each year and noone
is doing shit about it, and now supposedly 4000 people died and billions of
dollars are spent on “helping” them?

In fact the poor African people are getting vaccinated with stuff that has
not been tested AT ALL,
not the least bit. NOTHING. NIENTE!

What’s in those vaccines?!

Even “normal” vaccines are unhealthy as it gets. There’s
quicksilver/mercury and aluminum inside
vaccines. One alone is causing huge health problems in the mid term, but
both together don’t just add up, they multiply big time.

Never, NEVER, N E V E R let them scare you into taking the toxic and
untested (as if that would help) vaccines.

Each year like 500.000 people die in the world from regular flu!

ONE or TWO people have died in the US from Ebola. SCAAARY, isn’t it?

Seems like the world is going to end soon. Why? Ebolie kills us all!!!

Of course I am joking, but what might possibly really kill you are the

Never ever take them.

I can’t do more than to warn you. Sry.

Peter Jansen says:

Eeeebolaaa infofearporn.. you know it’s unreal when its on CNN.

MattyD 4Truth says:

gay fear porn. 

Sean Novillo says:

oh hes going to die

baldieman64 says:

And even if you go up to the next level of protective suit and get
undressed directly into a plastic bag with the aid of a doffing assistant,
you will be undressing no more than 5 – 10m away from the wards filled with
the dead and dying.
There is nothing that will protect you from a fly that has just been
feeding on a corpse loaded with virus landing on you and acting as a very
effective disease vector.

Donna F says:

Dr. Sanjay Gupta shows CDC personal protective equipment protocols for
Ebola and where they fail. Frieden needs to step down. Gupta CDC Director?

CNN’s Dr. Sanjay Gupta suits up in Ebola protective gear

#Ebola #CDC #CDCFail

MrQuickslice1 says:

He isn’t following proper hand hygiene between removal of equipment. As
worker in the health care field in Canada he should have washed his hands
at least twice even three times between each item removal. I have a tag I
have to carry during working hours with my name tag especially during cold
and flu season as a reminder to follow each step. It’s only a bit different
then the official CDC but hand hygiene should be performed between each
step and before touching potential areas where transmission can happen such
as eyes, mouth, ears or wound.
Also I want to add all healthcare professionals according to CDC should not
wear nail polish or have fake nails. As it was two female nurses that got
infected I wonder if they were following that rule as well.

Hank Hancock says:

Here’s the thing. Gupta did not use either the recommended protective gear
or the proper removal technique according to CDC guidelines. For starters,
the outer contaminated gloves are supposed to be removed first, then the
inner gloves are sanitized with bleach before touching the gown straps or
the head gear. Makes me think he has not even read the guidelines which
have been published for 2 decades. Or perhaps he just wants to
sensationalize the issue and seek attention for himself.

MK L says:

Potential Exposure in many areas, tho demonstrated nicely. Thank You.

Eileen LeValley says:


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