Citing Violation of Her Civil Rights, Nurse Breaks Ebola Quarantine

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The nurse who has been remanded to quarantine in her Maine home due to Ebola concerns broke that quarantine yesterday, leaving her home and even going as far…


Karin Amano says:

That is so cruel of them. They’re treating everyone like objects because of
this, let the lady work her job bills have to be paid. 

Simon Tay says:

More other nurses follow her….. Infected ones too… That’s how the
history book will write

MrDannii83 says:

You should be more worried about the Black Plague in Madagascar Getting out

growurown207 says:

Hmmm who should we believe, a money grubbing politician with no knowledge
of infectious diseases or a nurse? 

eazeW3 says:

Fake ass Story dont belive what your told yall

Terry Habzz says:

Don’t believe anything she said because she is a CDC shill working for both
the CDC and Obummer to stir up crap. Just the kind of neighbor we all need
a lying self serving piece of work she is. When they do this it puts into
question all the other that may be legit. Maybe she looking to write a book
but who is going to pay to read the memoirs of LIAR.

karmel latimore says:

If she’s perfectly healthy let her go. 

21poloonmydraws says:

Nah jinx, fck that, where u was for the combine lol

bigperm1978143adri says:

Fuck her civil rights don’t use that as an excuse to infect people this
bitch is a selfish white bitch that needs to be taken outside and
shot…..fuck her…. 

InanimateDK says:

Yes you should be quarantined immediately. Shes a nurse right she should
know that . And its interesting how all the people who go to play with
ebola in other countries wanna come back all of a sudden like they dont
know wtf is gonna happen to them when they get back.

Kuraki says:

she’s laughing at all of the people who she could be infecting right now
just because she wanted to go outside. she could have exercised inside if
she really wanted. straight up bitch. youre the one who wanted to go treat
africans now deal with the ramifications of YOUR choice.

The Captain Fat Man says:

She is a hero for helping the sick not a criminal that needs to be watched
by the police

Kenny Mathews says:

fuck bruh leave her alone she doesn’t have it chill

Tristan Crichton says:

What a selfish bitch

Anne says:

I believe that one of the other nurses tested negative for the virus and
then a while later she had it, it took several more days for it to show
up. The military also goes in dangerous places and they cooperate with the
rules and regulations, why does this nurse think she is above everyone
else? Possibly putting others at risk. She may not have it but be a
carrier. On the news a doctor stated that she was important and it might
discourage others from going. They all need to be aware of the problems
and act accordingly. Medical people are not above the laws. we have all
listened to the words of doctors as if they are perfect and mistake
proof. They make mistakes like the rest of us only theirs can be fatal.
This nurse is just a spoiled brat!!!!!

Daniel Moyano says:

Then this “virus” spreads..then we get evacuated to camps for our “safety”
then what…..?Exactly. 

Han Burger says:

People these days

Jonathan Major says:

Shit like this creates a huge out break even thought she resited her rights
she dosent have to be selfish 

The chosen 1 says:

Stupid bitch will kill us all

Jim Weaver says:

Ok let her walk around free. If something happens to anyone she contacted
with, sue her ass for all she has or will ever have.

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