Christie Forces Ebola Quarantine

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Meanwhile, a nurse who lives in Fort Kent, Maine is upset about being quarantined at a hospital in Newark New Jersey. Kaci Hickox remained under a mandatory …


Tina Bowling says:

She must be too stupid to understand how contagious that plague is. Of
course there is always a sue happy lawyer available. I think they want to
spread Ebola around America so that we can become test subjects. 

Emma Pooler says:

Everyone in my town is freaking right the fuck out… I live in Fort Kent.
The umfk is flooded with news crews and the entire community is scared and
pissed off. The nurse and her boyfriend are basically hated. Our town has a
small hospital but we didn’t even get the swine flu in fort kent. We will
never be able to deal with Ebola. For more info you should check the Bangor
daily news.

cpiotrowski311 says:

21 days isn’t long enough. The virus can remain dormant for up to 42 days.
Taken directly from the World Health Organization. Look it up. So…that 21
day quarantine…just another pathetic attempt to comfort the sheep while
they lead them to slaughter. 

A D says:

NNW should be on Roku!

NextNewsNetwork says:

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