CDC Warns Ebola Outbreak Could Reach 1.4 Million in 3 Months

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The Ebola virus disease is spreading throughout western Africa, and the CDC is warning that the spread could top 1.4 million cases in January 2015 if not controlled. Furthermore, the longer it takes the control, the more difficult it will be to quarantine and attempt to treat the disease, as it spreads very rapidly. Kim Horcher and Christina Ochoa (Science educator) discuss.

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Rommel Magaña Brizuela says:

I'm scared I'm 11 what if it's the end the world I'm really scared please tell me nothing bad will happen😢

jackchorn says:

Funny she said we have better gear and now two of our health care workers who treated the very first patient got it.
Man can you imagine if 4000 people have it, that would be 8000 health care workers infected, just kidding but we got a bad start on patient zero.
I'm ok though, I have RH negative blood. You people who have the Rhesus positive blood need to watch out, that's 90% of the population.

All hail our Lord and saviour Joey! says:

We just need to work faster! Instead of fearing this virus lets work together to tackle it! 

PhatGirlLuva68-ThelastOG says:

I'm not any kind of fear monger but people should take this a lot more seriously than they do. This virus can be spread by a simple handshake and an eye-wipe. Keep in mind that this recent outbreak has killed more victims than any other time in history.

Mizz Gods Child says:

We are in the end times this is going to happen just another fulfillment in prophecy. There ain't no cure and more n more ppl will continue to die from it. Now, how are medical ppl going to distinguish a regular flu and Ebola is the hard part. Tests yes! But now ppl are already exposed without knowing. Like they mentioned it's caught by bodily fluids ok so any coughing, sneezing, runny nose, sweat, almost anything that comes out of a human body will cause the disease to spread. Point blank period. Scary if u ask me and unstoppable even if contained. Stay prayed up ppl God is coming soon.

dukky fuzz says:

Fukin CIA does it again. AIDS in Africa, Guatemala infected with a different virus and the US population Guinea pigs during the 70s on failed mind control drug called Major.

bign3ck says:

The human race needs culing, over population will finnish the whole planet. I just see this as a natural selection, you could have bought medicine, but invested in a gun instead.   

AnOhioPatriot says:

F#@k the autopsies !…..If they die from Ebola symptoms, bag'em, burn'em, and bury'em…..Remember all of the "Plastic FEMA Coffins and Body Bags" ordered up and shipped all over the U.S. and PR….?    Start'n to make sense now……..?.

Purple Pepe says:

We need to bomb the hell out of Africa to stop the disease.

TzeentchsKnight says:

Seriously if I'm with the WHO. I will promote to do what I've been suggesting. Building settlement like Israel and also bring military from China (because they considered not too get along with the western world) and ROK because they're only popular for K-Pop and Samsung which far from violence but they actually have conscription. And put more black people on boots to make them more like racial brotherhood chasing people which don't have enough knowledge with tranquilizer gun. Keep those which sick in the facility for 3 weeks after to prevent more spreading and using those which have antibody and cleansed from virus as blood donor maybe they have good antibody to prolong progression time of the disease to make body have enough time to produce their own antibody? Also for all nation in the world please double your hospital crystalloid infusion stock.

Marcus Penny says:

Pasted by a police convoy last night on my way home thought hey maybe the president or someone visted Dallas found out some guy has Ebola go figure they were taking blood samples CDC looks like they took samples via the airport in irving Tx DFW airport horrible thought. who has this guy had contact with did he walk into the hospital and touch nurses Horrible though

Jessy Landry says:

Time to nuke before shit gets out of hand

Rhyno186 says:

So, THEIR problems have yet again become OUR problems?
Don't worry, [every other country in the world]. The United States of America will dump BILLIONS into helping them out. You guys just go ahead and sit back and do absolutely nothing about it like you have done in every single situation like this throughout history. Oh, and when we are done and have it all cleaned up, feel free to keep bashing us telling us how bad and evil we are.

andysos1234 says:

America should invade Africa

Andre Krumins says:

well everyone! learn to use a gasmask!

Robert Mayfield says:

1.4 million people by the end of the year in a country of how many….couple billion yeah no not really worried about this out break once it gets to a country that is a place people want to go then it's a problem

Diamonddavej says:

The 47% "mortality rate" is inaccurate, it includes many newly infected who eventually die. The true mortality rate 70%. In a rapidly growing epidemic, such as this, the number infected out paces the number of dead.

TangyMeringue says:

1.4 million is just there to get people's attention, it'd never happen. Ebola isn't airborne.

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