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The latest round of Ebola safety precautions are in full effect in a handful of American airports. The Obama administration announced that 5 major, international airports will begin screening West African natives before they enter the country. Anyone showing even the slightest bit of a temperature will be taken aside for further examination and possible quarantine.

It’s an extra step of screening, after Thomas Eric Duncan managed to slip past Liberian health officials at the airport. Government leaders say, had Duncan survived Ebola, they would have prosecuted him for lying about his connections to Ebola patients. Duncan isn’t the only person who has lied about contacting an Ebola victim to cross a national border. So for someone who is bound and determined to enter the US, it’s within reason to expect them to try and lie their way in.

That’s one reason why these international airports will start checking for symptoms. But what happens if an air traveler REFUSES to get checked? The Centers for Disease Control said that if travelers try to escape the Ebola checks in the airports, they will be automatically taken into a forceful quarantine for up to 21 days.

Elsewhere, the TV camera crew that accompanied Ashoka Mukpo back from West Africa told health officials they would voluntarily sequester themselves, just in case they also had Ebola. But after several days back in the states, the crew wasn’t showing any symptoms of the virus. So when they decided to leave their homes, the New Jersey police showed up to put them back in isolation. But this time, it was mandatory. So while CDC director Tom Frieden KEEPS saying Ebola cannot be spread during the incubation period, the quarantine police is forcing people without symptoms to stay in isolation.

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The Next News Network says:

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robert h says:

you can't sue or convict a person for lieing under stress, any half ass lawer should get you off~ temporary insanity! you could try but what would that do, nothing!
it is are goverment who lies under oath, they swore to protect us, but they/you would rather try to sue a man who has no oath or money!? WTF!

bob .right says:

(Ebloa) People we better lock in load on this one. While we have time. The rich & politically oligarchs are blaming the poor African people for Ebloa. They gave it to the African people. They have it in airtight cans to spread around USA just like they did in Africa. They are going to kill your family & over half of the people in the USA with Ebloa . I wish some general would fight back today I am over 70 yo but I would follow him. We better do it now because we will not have a second chance to do it in the future.

BLKRD_777 says:

That so called Ebola is a bioweapon for a specific nation.. & people will wake up once the propagandera goes to da 3rd -5th gears"!!

ItsSurfingTime says:

OK…what's on that head?

reubenitesisinthetruth says:

Getting screening done on you for a fake disease makes no sense at all. My lord live with retards that believe this SHIT.

Joey Pinter says:

I have a question, what kind of hair is that?

D.J. Moore says:

I think Obama should be over there Seeing first hand what he wants to bring here. Then Quarantine his ass and his cure be the sudden stop at the end of a short rope. 

Priest of Baal says:

You better stop Jet setting all over the world …Now…Or you'l end up in quarantine for a cold…

R. Ajwhegr says:

What about the infected people who take aspirin, ibuprofen & acetaminophen to keep their fever down?
This just doesn't seem like enough, & is looking like TPTB don't want it be enough.

BiddieTube says:

 @ 0:45 "Duncan is the only person who has lied about contacting an ebola victim to cross national border",.. OK,.. if that is so, why did they not stop him while he was telling the lie?? They must know who is lieing and who is not to make a statement like that.

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