CDC Quietly Deletes Guidelines for Hospital Hazmat Suit Use Against Ebola!

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Close CDC is now telling hospitals to make sure hazmat suits are used, but leaving them without information about what kinds of…


sexywexican says:

I work at an emergency room as an emt in San Diego and every morning, or
before every shift we have a meeting discussing things to look for
concerning contagious diseases and how to treat them for that day. I can
promise you that we don’t need the cdc to tell us how we wear our own
equipment. We are trained professionals, not careless and irresponsible. 

cannagorilla says:

This is the nwo’s end game its time to do something about it! They don’t
want you or I around anymore. Think about it. Its the perfect way to take
out the worlds population and bring it back to a controlled number. Why do
you think the US government is doing nothing to stop it? Makes you wonder
huh. And hey just appointed a politician instead of a doctor as the ebola
tzar. Sounds like they want some one in there saying and doing only what

Inanna2u says:

I’m struggling to find a reason for the CDC to exist. 

null null says:

Run to Jesus John 3:16
Romans 10:9-10

Pierre Johnson says:

Fascinating how the CDC does what it was with impunity and has zero
accountability for their criminal duplicity. Especially given how they have
a patent on Ebola (their version of it) and how they would stand to lose
much profit should the public run counter to their advice. Yet, look at
USAMRIID out of Ft.Detrick, MD, they have a pdf on biological viruses and
confirms Ebola is in fact, an airborne contagion. That’s USAMRIID and the
WHO is right on with them. How much longer the charade that’s being played
can last is anyone’s guess, but I sense it’s all about to fall apart. It’s
far from over in terms of spreading about, but the people will have their
accountability from these criminals. After all, they run, but they can’t
hide. Sometimes hiding in plain sight can bite one in the ass when one is
full of themselves. I’m out.

Zilla's Revenge says:

The CDC is a joke

Maati Auset says:


Tightened Guidance for U.S. Healthcare Workers on Personal Protective
Equipment for Ebola

Principle #2: No skin exposure when PPE is worn
Given the intensive and invasive care that US hospitals provide for Ebola
patients, the tightened guidelines are more directive in recommending no
skin exposure when PPE is worn.
CDC is recommending all of the same PPE included in the August 1, 2014
guidance, with the addition of coveralls and single-use, disposable hoods.
Goggles are no longer recommended as they may not provide complete skin
coverage in comparison to a single use disposable full face shield.
Additionally, goggles are not disposable, may fog after extended use, and
healthcare workers may be tempted to manipulate them with contaminated
gloved hands. PPE recommended for U.S. healthcare workers caring for
patients with Ebola includes:
Double gloves
Boot covers that are waterproof and go to at least mid-calf or leg covers
Single use fluid resistant or imperable gown that extends to at least
mid-calf or coverall without intergraded hood.
Respirators, including either N95 respirators or powered air purifying
Single-use, full-face shield that is disposable
Surgical hoods to ensure complete coverage of the head and neck
Apron that is waterproof and covers the torso to the level of the mid-calf
should be used if Ebola patients have vomiting or diarrhea

naughtmoses says:

Hard to believe all the dangerously stoopid junk I have seen on this topic.
FURTHER, nothing whatsoever is mentioned here about the proper procedure
for doffing the suit and disposing of it in a proper container, which
=then= becomes someone =else’s= deal… hopefully with the proper procedure
in place =there=. (These suits have to be disposed or cleaned in a
multi-stage process with several different bug-killing solvents.) This is
NOT rocket science. Why is everyone (or at least the snooze media) having
such a hard time with this? I will offer a suggestion: Because people can
no longer see what to do for themselves. All they can do is follow
instructions. And silicon life can do =that= a lot better than =carbon=.
Wake Up!!!! (Before it’s too late.) 

Tweet Braden says:

This whole new Ebola is somewhat perplexing.. THE original strain makes
people bleed from all orifices. This one here does not? Another thing that
strikes me so strange is that Thomas Duncan’s whole family does not have it
and they were with him non stop, no protective gear and they came out
unscathed yet the nurses got EBOLA? something is so wrong with this.
Protective suit or not you have a 50 50 chance which I just don’t get. Its
like something out of WWZ where only the sick cannot get infected.

DBG Balloons says:

dude, fucking daily mail is a hoax site bro……and the CDC didn’t change
it quietly, it was all over the news that they were changing Ebola
protocol. They are still lying about a bunch of shit, but that’s just what
bullshiters do best.

Snakedoctorjw says:

Because its airborne in the same sense tuberculosis is. Always had been. 

weelgunny says:

Isn’t this the kinda stuff enemies within government would do?

Carrie Rodman says:

I don’t know. Haven’t gotten that far yet. 

Ashley Smith says:

CDC and the Ebola Hoax..
CDC Quietly Deletes Guidelines for Hospital Hazmat Suit Use Against Ebola!

comingbynight says:

Hi everybody, just google vitamin D-nial, This shows that the CDC has a
100% cure for EBOLA which says that it will be given to the public free on

DAHBOO77 says:

#CDC Quietly Deletes Guidelines for Hospital Hazmat Suit Use Against #Ebola

1pooltub says:

Why don’t they just do what Nigeria did? Take themselves (CDC) out of the
picture. The WHO is worthless and they work for Agenda 21 so they are
non-starters! The U.S. Should bring in qualified Nigerian advisors and
follow their protocols for containment. I hope all you NWO’ers are having
really lousy days now that Nigeria blew your sadist cover story for your
killer vaccine! And do us all a favor and get rid of that offensive racist
abomination the JoeJa Grind Stones. A few well placed sticks of dynamite
ought to do it!

copenhagenlct says:

CDC Quietly Deletes Guidelines for Hospital Hazmat Suit Use Against Ebola!

Erica Patterson says: #ebola #ebolaoutbreak 

EnergyInventor says:

Oh, they have something but it will not come forward until they can get
more people infected. Like you said, they have to keep their story straight
after the lying scumbags that work their have been caught time after time.

Robert Bernhardt says:

Hey DAHBOO, Why do you think it’s called the CDC? Center for Disease
Control. Yes! To control the disease they spread both physically and
through propaganda. They added “and Prevention” to their name only to make
it appear that they are really trying to prevent disease. If they were so
into preventing disease wouldn’t it be part of their name? Shouldn’t it be
CDC&P? What a load of lies. Keep Awakening everyone! Be Strong! Live in
Truth and Love! No Fear! Energy Never Dies!

TrueToTheLight says:

Even if they deleted everything it shouldn’t be a problem, if there are
some other places where the Info can be found..after all when people is
concerned about important matters such as this there must be some experts
out there that can always be consulted in case of need..

mikmllr says:

When are you fucking brain-dead idiots gonna realize that the CDC WANTS

RibbitHopX says:

Meh, so they’re going to update it. Frieden and Fauci already said they
wanted to be more in line with MSF practices and stop recommending field
gear style protection and to include the practice of having a “buddy”.
Quietly? The drama! Are they supposed to call you and let you know as
they’re editing? 

posse rush says:

Whats funny is DR Frieden at the CDC was Bloombergs NY city health admin ..
HAHAHA HE’s the guy that tried to ban 20 oz drinks in NY city Now hes the
admin for the CDC hahaha the whole world has gone tits up man …

Caffine addict says:

They got their orders from the EBOLA Czar.He made them a new
proclamation.The Czar wants to depopulate remember.

Doc H. Martin "A person who does not think, pray! (prey) - Vysyftis diva vids, diner aid sayers" says:

All people need only to know one thing… E bola ballooney was too heavy to
fly. From the Ebolero.corn not com but c,o,r,n oil coronels/colonels

d3v1lsw0rstn1ghtm4r3 says:

another back pedal maneuvre from the cdc.

Dojocho says:

Great work…..eyes open

James Baker says:

I wish I was still shocked by this kind of behavior. Instead….I EXPECT
How very sad

steven fuller says:

thanks dahboo7 

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