CDC issues highest-level alert for Ebola

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The Centers for Disease Control has issued the highest response level for Ebola. CNN’s Dr. Sanjay Gupta reports.


Matt Biden says:

Back in my day the only thing that came from west Africa was farm equipment. 

garbageday99 says:

"we're pretty confident that any large hospital could handle an ebola case, if one showed up" like does he mean one case? what about 40,50,60 or even a hundred at a time

Eclipze says:

I am really afraid if ebola would come to Sweden

billy godfrey says:

Any ability to deal with an epidemic would be swiftly and decisively overwhelmed by ebola. Ebola is already here and the first cases in large numbers are not far off…

TheHypnotstCollector says:

any other event in history? Not at all. Gupta has  become a media boy lackey. 

DRAGONwhisperer69 says:

Should I stop worrying about Sars, and only worry about Ebola, or can I worry about both? What about Bird Flu, and Swine Flu, they still out there waiting to get us?

Newlinjim says:

What about those damn Mosquitos ?

bones420usa says:

I'm so so scared now lmao.Fucking phony ass bullshit.Not saying ebola is fake just saying those 2 doctors flown here had no ebola and all they want is for you brain washed people to be scared be very scared hahaha.Don't forget to take the vaccine as soon as they release it.Autism or death awaits you.

nationalist Jew says:

BE AFRAID. Our governments are doing us no favors by giving us a false sense of security. As one West African lady said, fear is necessary so that people take precautions to minimize the spread of ebola. For one thing, borders should already have been closed to save possibly millions of lives. May you be spared.

nationalist Jew says:

If these precautions are successful, then why have dozens of doctors and nurses already died from this outbreak? I mean, doctors and nurses generally take precautions.

Universoul says:

Now, bodily fluids. I'm gonna take Saliva for example. If someone sneezes with Ebola, the virus will be attached to the lil tiny saliva droplets & will spread, & lil droplets of saliva can spread very far when sneezed out. But if someone coughs with Ebola, it might not go as far as the sneeze, cause you're not building that much pressure as sneeze would do for the cough to happen. So in my sense, this is how it could be spreading faster. So it can technically be airborne if you think about what I'm saying.

Johnnatan Da Cruz says:

This reporter makes me nervous… He looks like desperate and frightened…

DynamicUnreal says:

Why do you need goggles for Ebola? Can you be infected through your eyes?

Zadle Leach says:


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