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CDC Confirms First US Patient with Ebola | Ebola Videos

CDC Confirms First US Patient with Ebola

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CDC confirms first case of Ebola in the U.S. Symptoms of Ebola include Fever (greater than 38.6°C or 101.5°F) Severe headache Muscle pain Weakness Diarrhea Vomiting…

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SkinnyMedic says:
Fleck says:

I doubt this will get out of hand. Ebola was first spread by Africans who
have no idea what hygiene is, and got the disease by cutting their hand
while preparing the diseased meat.

We only need to worry if it goes airborne, which is unlikely. If that
happens, it is time to don your gas masks.

JJ rog says:

Why did we let these fucks fly to our country?

Richard Sabo says:

Listened to the CDC’s press release live today, and my first thought as a
healthcare worker was, “great, now every hypochondriac in 50 miles with a
cold is going to show up tomorrow.” Glad I’m off for a few days, at least.

dictare says:

Bleeding from orifices… Sounds like a new Obama tax.

Photolight PhotoLight says:

Skinny, the nurse reported 99.5 tempt – therefore, you can call the 99.5
the new marker. cdc dropped the ball on that one.

Gunslinger454 says:

It was only a matter of time….


The Texian Libertarian says:

In my damn back yard…lovely 

Appalachian Freedom Outdoors says:

Uncle Sam will take care of us! LOL!!!

Magnus Dominus says:

Here come the zombies. 

Jeremy A says:

It was only a matter of time….

BeachBow says:

Well, you were wondering how they were going to control the population, and
this looks like a good start. It’ll be like the black plague of Europe. And
the governments will take complete control because of the “state of
emergency”, and there goes your rights. We’ll all be slaves then, at least
the ones that live. IMHO

loganv0410 says:

First Rule of Diagnosis: When you see hoofprints think horses, not zebras.
Second Rule: Zebras do exist.
US Army 68W school c2005

gonzalezfirearms says:

This crap really concerns me… 

knock harder says:

Very scary indeed. How did it get here? Was the diagnosed in Africa? 

2gunTommygun says:

Which MSA mask do I need to pick up?

Michael Shaffer says:

I often see personnel utilizing a garden type, backpack worn, spray rig for
disinfecting purposes. I have many times wondered and Googled this, trying
to learn if the mixture is simply a bleach solution or something more
exotic. It would be great information to have in the unlikely event we
need to begin to disinfect our homes etc sometime in the future.

calebargh says:

I haven’t caught a cold or flu in 7 years, should I worry?

Zombe Man says:

sweet vid thank you

honey badger says:


buzzsah says:

Thanks for the heads up

MochaTim says:

Not being airborne just defines how long it can live out of body. It is
possible to inhale vapor from the air. If you are by yourself then probably
no chance of breathing it in. If in crowds and tight quarters then i would
think that the possibilities, though being slim, are possible. I will have
a mask on if i am to be out and about. I hope everyone will do this. Then
no chance of someone sneezing or coughing any liquids outside of their own
mask my way.

amacro11 says:

Thank you Skinny Medic for keeping it real concise and to the point

Reenactor Guy says:

So an N95 is good enough to protect you from the airborne part of this?
Don’t need to have a PAPR or anything like that for general use?

suavehotguy24 says:

They should if quarantined this person before he flew in from west Africa
to begin with.

I’ll bet the person was coughing everywhere before he was brought in.
Probably infected people already…

TTV Gush says:


Virodoc100 says:

If I am not mistaken, particularly with this outbreak, bleeding is not
terribly common. Perhaps there are internal hemorrhages, but nothing like
bloody noses or red eyes.

chack8ill says:

I’ve heard that some oils such as garcinia kola, cinnamon, thieves oil can
be used as treatment or preventive care for ebola. Have you heard this as

Bruce Wayne says:

Thanks for the video and info as always. Scary Indeed…
I see a lot of folks down playing ebola, saying, “well no worries, it’s not
airborne.”; as some sort of panacea to not preparing. It does not matter if
it is airborne, it just killed 3000, with no end in sight. Do these
naysayers still feel comforted? SouthernPrepper1 did a great video on what
ebola items would be worth gold if it hits here; I suggest everyone watch
it. How to protect yourself from Ebola for $10
Also consider ‘Pool Shock’ for making bleach and a ‘Hudson Sprayer’, *(the
bleach compatible version)*.

*Pool Shock:*

*Hudson Sprayer:*

Prepare Learn Survive! says:

Check out this video on YouTube:
CDC Confirms First US Patient with Ebola‼️
What to look for

fernando2980 says:

would N95 masks be good enough for airborne ebola? thnx

444man says:

I work in South Texas, Thanks.

knock harder says:

Very scary indeed. How did it get here? Was the diagnosed in Africa? 

TheMrKrause says:

Bound to happen

Prepare Learn Survive! says:

Thanks for the heads up on what to look for! 

Elmer Ivie says:

I know I’m scared!!!

1122kiwi says:

Would this be contagious if say a person would swipe their eye and handle
door knobs and such or cough in their hand and then handle stuff and say
the obvious the picking of the ole nose? Or is this only by blood contact

GetTheFO says:

Just heard it on the radio. I hope the gov’t pulls their shit together
quick and fixes this situation ASAP. I heard, (from a single source), that
the patient came in on a flight from West Africa; if this is true, they
better be tracking down all of those passengers and running
tests/quarantining them as well. It’s times like these where I wish I
wasn’t living in this day and age…

Daniel Schultz says:

oh wonderful!!! :-( I happen to be here in Dallas this week teaching a
class. what are the odds. Lucky for me I already take the standard
(cold/flu) prevention precautions of constantly washing and not touching
eyes, nose and mouth unnecessarily. time to take it up a notch though I
think. Thanks again for the video.

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