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CDC Can Quarantine U.S. Citizens for Weeks if They Refuse Ebola Screening! | Ebola Videos

CDC Can Quarantine U.S. Citizens for Weeks if They Refuse Ebola Screening!

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U.S. citizens who refuse to undergo the new screenings for Ebola at five major American airports could find themselves held in quarantine for up to three weeks, officials told Yahoo News on Thursday. Non-citizens who refuse the screenings could be quarantined or turned away from U.S. soil by U.S. Customs and Border Protection.

The Obama Administration announced on Wednesday that it would soon require passengers from Guinea, Liberia, and Sierra Leone — the countries at the epicenter of the deadly outbreak in West Africa — to answer questions about their potential exposure to the illness and to have their temperature taken upon arrival.

Officials unveiled the new rules hours after the only patient thus far diagnosed with Ebola on U.S. soil, Thomas Eric Duncan, died of the illness. Neighbors said he helped a pregnant woman in Liberia get to a hospital, where she was turned away from a crowded Ebola treatment ward. Liberian government officials said they planned to prosecute him for lying on health forms by denying any contact with an Ebola patient.


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buck allen says:

Let's quarantine congress and omoma and put them all on plum island and lets have some real patriot generals who know what's really going on take charge for awhile untill we can find someone who isn't cursed w this kiss of death greed for power take charge of our nation and revive our constitution and start by kicking out monsanto and dick cheney and the bushes and basically out whole corrupt govts. How about for the people by the people instead of killary and omoma and greedy life long politicians who only serve themselves. Term limits a and no more secret bs shadow govt. Let's rebuild our nation and we can start by starting over . I'm in!!

Willy Stroker says:

People who refuse screenings, or test positive for ebola, should be burned alive.

Rick Hayes says:

If you agree, copy and past where you can.
History repeats itself so let’s learn from history.  Others may have studied history and are using the tactics that worked well before.

The Middle East was once populated with Christians but that all changed with the advances of Islam.  But what caused The Byzantine Empire to go from a mighty power to losing everything?
Continued wars weakened the empire but also, The Black Plague decimated the population by killing 1 in 3 people.  And another major reason the Byzantine Empire by itself was no match for the advancing Muslims is that its economy was destroyed.  

If you wanted to make sure America followed the same fate as the Byzantine Empire, and you had the authority to do what you wanted, you would keep America in long protracted wars. (check)
You would weaken the American economy.  Maybe you would destroy the healthcare system and make it more expensive to get care (check).  You also might not be in such a rush to safeguard America from the Ebola virus (the 21st Century Black Plague) (check); 
Another way to decimate the country’s defensives is to have a few thousand soldiers take a deadly trip to an Ebola hot zone.  (check)
One other side note about Ebola, could this virus have been supercharged in a lab?  History not learned is repeated.  

theBald1 says:

Ebola quarantine in Richmond Virginia

halojump123 says:

Stop blaming. Start reacting.
No mater who is to blame.
This is where we are
How do I ( ME ) fix it.
Your wasting time by asserting blame.
Adapt an overcome.

halojump123 says:

DO NOT GO TO A FEMA CAMP!!!! That's like a veteran going to the V.A. NO!!!

Ernst Stavro Blofeld says:

Why on Earth would anyone refuse screening?! America is now an Ebola country.

1murhh69 says:

There agenda 21

Marco Island Extra says:

How do China, India, Latin America and other countries deal with visitors from Western Africa?  Why isn't "Eboli" detected in those countries.  If or when "Eboli" starts to spread in Latin America there's nothing Barako can do about it. Heck, his administration might send out invitations.  How can this virus be contained within so few countries even at this point.  If it's real and it spreads to a few more countries we're all in deep shit. The world economy will abruptly stand still. Pray that it's the hoax it appears to be.  If America and it's technology can't contain it then don't expect most other countries will have success either. 

IMF is putting West African countires into deep dept. What was once theirs will belong to the Banksters. Debt is a bitch.   If the IMF loan scam works in West African it'll work in America too. We'll be begging the Banksters to take everything if they'll just save us.  Pray that Eboli is a scam. At least you'll have some banksters to hang in the public square.   If Eboli is real and it's heading our way.. might as well Google for blog topics on comfortable ways to commit suicide.

02WhiteEagle says:

People, use a little common sense!  Duncan flew over here and boarded a couple of planes.  The only one that is sick so far is the nurse.  What about all the other people he was around before being admitted to the hospital.  If it spreads that fast where are the reports on the other people.  They are doing a good job spreading the "fear porn".  Be right with the Creator, fill your hearts and minds with love and what will be will be.  Be at Peace!

LoganTheBumSniffer says:

what is ebola?

talicia johnson says:

This is scary I hope some one finds a cure
If that's possible

Mark Edwards says:

Is it possible to have Ebola and a cold or flu virus at the same time, I've done a quick internet search, but can't find any information regarding this virus cocktail, even though Ebola is not an airborne virus it could, could be release through a combination of two viruses.

The lungs would have to be infected and the Ebola virus and the cold or flu virus would assist Ebola to become airborne. In my view this is possible as colds and flu effect the respiratory  system causing coughing and sneezing ,Ebola would piggy back this process.

Dave Rice says:

I'm sort of surprised that Obama didn't say
that he was going to
not rush to any judgements
and take a month or so
to take action
just to make sure
they're doing the right thing,
to be fair.

SideWayz says:

This girl who's from Tx told me that a Police Officer who has Ebola was pulling people over. Now who knows how many people he could have infected while coming in contact with them 

624TG says:

If you get quarantined for getting the common cold symptom, then you may be quarantined with real EBOLA victims and then you will get EBOLA.

Angela Kortright-Calo says:

Look at this pic. If that isn't blatant psychological conditioning people are being subjected to I don't know what is?

RonbyBobinski says:

i dont see a problem with this. if you have ebola and dont know but refuse to get a screening you could fuck up alot of people

gRosh08 says:

Chitter Chatter? 

paulette barrow says:


offplanetevent says:

Ebola may not be airborne …yet , but it might mutate once they freak everyone out and most of the country runs out to get the vaccine that will give them ebola . Then with all those people infected , someone's body chemistry will mutate the virus into an airborne one.
Maybe or it is airborne now . What ever the case …it's coming to a town near you and me.

Nikki H says:

Guess we should all start using the boarder when traveling now..who knew illegals would have more travel freedoms than citizens.

Sherry K says:

Read Rockefeller produced 2010 report Scenarios for the future of technology and international development.  Talks about all of this in past tense.  It's all going according to the plan, my friends. here's a link:

just looking for truth says:

I like how they put a gun looking scanner to your fucking head and the sheeple allows it…talk about predictive programming

Aaron Antonio says:

They should cut all flights from west africa. for atleast until everything is under control. its better to do it now and stop spreading all this virus across the world

THarrison004 says:

I'm starting to think,something is not right with this Ebola thing,so far not one person in that apartment where that guy Thomas Ducan lived did not get infected,the most deadliest virus in the world,and they lived,and shared the bathroom,the kitchen,and not one of them got it,something a little fishy here.

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