Cannibals, Cows, and misbehaving Proteins (Prion Diseases). A History of Infection #14

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This time on a History of Infection we’re looking at Prion diseases such as mad cow disease or as it’s known in humans Creutzfeldt–Jakob disease. It’sa story that can’t be done justice in 7 and a half minutes but I attempted to outline some of the interesting principles of mis-folding protein diseases such as prion diseases.

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Reckless Roges says:

It will be academically interesting to see the extent of the UK prion disease time bomb and how it will be contained. Are there any cases of prion diseases being transmitted as a sexually transmitted Infection? Has any immunity been detected in the UK population.

bruh says:

I wonder is it possible to engineer a prion similar to the normal prion in our bodies to re-fold infected prions into the normal prions

Heather Nance says:

I love your videos. I learn so many things from each one!

bharat path says:

Any reported cases due to Infected surgical catgut and prions?

motorhead says:

Kosher meat cannot be from any animal that eats animals…

Mandy Johnson says:

Thanks for your video, it is a big help for my uni to summarize a multitude of sources I have already read up on.

jaelob says:

i thought sheep screpe was discounted as a possible contributing factor….
As for the theory not being proven on latent infection, kuru cases still continue to surface among that fore(?) tribe even though mortuary cannabalism had ceased in the 1960s.  It was first noted that children had stopped getting the disease, but that was not true for the older generation throughout the decades.  Also, 2007 a cow with mad cow disease in Texas surfaced and was traced back to having been fed cow material as a calf before the practice had stopped around 1997.

stanbean23 says:

Hi! Just like to say cheers for the Vid. I'm studying Decontamination Science (UK) in sterile services. Currently I'm researching about the CJD outbreaks that occur in surgical intervention. Unfortunately if your lucky enough to skip sporadically developing this disease, you can contract it via some surgical procedures. Many outbreaks in UK hospitals may have been due to using contamination surgical equipment in patients. This is because simply put the patient may not be aware they have the infectious agent due to long incubation periods. Contaminated surgical tools are then used on others and passed on etc. However, a prototype blood test screening procedure may be on the way. Fingers crossed.

Ciliate says:

Unfortunately CJD is very hard to screen for, if it is possible at all, and so the blood was not checked for it. Plus, CJD can remain dormant in infected individuals for years before symptoms show.

Berlin-Uhren24 says:

I don't mean to marginalize his situation, or to call doubt to the truth of your words, but how did you find out that it was indeed the transfused blood? That seems to be something they would screen for…

Terry Singeltary says:

some of you might find it interesting, that the BSE TSE prion disease, has not gone anywhere, just mutated, and the human TSE there from has too. …

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Foodborne Transmission of Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy to Nonhuman Primates

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Transmission of classical scrapie via goat milk

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Ciliate says:

I have always been very interested in CJD ever since my cousin died a few years ago from the disease, despite being a vegetarian. We eventually found out he contracted it from a blood transfusion from a infected individual.

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