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Calls To Quarantine Travelers And Ban Travel Follow NY Ebola Case | Ebola Videos

Calls To Quarantine Travelers And Ban Travel Follow NY Ebola Case

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“Doctors returning from treating Ebola patients in West Africa should be quarantined for at least three weeks, Representative Jason Chaffetz said today as Co…

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Storm Dystroyer says:

Just ban travel to Ebola infected countries in Africa, you can send doctors
to held the infected. I it will lower our chances of getting our countries
citizens infected with Ebola.

yuigoh12 says:

Good. Now keep out the Gang Banging Niggers who gave us AIDS and let their
African Warlords deal with Ebola instead of leeching off conservatives like

Leggo My Ego says:

This is an example of what I hate most about TYT, they don’t have anyone
that’s actually educated on the panels, and by educated I mean people with
a degree in science or something real. Every time they talk about something
even remotely related to science I cringe.

Adam Chester says:

Holy shit TYT, why the fuck shouldn’t we ban travelers comming from those
infected countries? I really fucking hope TYT gets destroyed. I Hope
everyone who works on your shit show dies slowly. Fucking stupid retard
Cenk and your garbage trash show. THE BEST WAY TO STOP A PANDEMIC IS TO
we have a pandamic of Ebola here in Texas. Alfuckingready, we have fucking
5 people INFECTED with fucking ebola. We need to keep stupid fucks from
infecting everyone here in the US. It has been said before that there is a
major masive pathogenic fucking viral fucking outbreak fucking retarded as
shit. Every 100 years, there is a massive outbreak. ONE HUNDRED FUCKING
YEARS AGO the spanish flu crippled the world, and infected HUNDREDS OF
MILLIONS. Ebola is the next pandemic LETS BAN ALL TRAVEL outside the United

Liberater4589 says:

These right wing morons do know that more people die from the flu a day
(which is a million times more contagious) than have died from the entire
Ebola outbreak yet no insane freak out to ban nations, fucking imbeciles 

home5f12 says:

Dear ana, please shut the fuck up and suck a dick

cjbos81 says:

Get a gun and have a plan.

F.W. Sauerteig says:

With each new outbreak, officials and liberal do-gooders alike say there is
nothing to worry about. That a ban on travel to West Africa is a wild
over-reaction, racist, and so on. And yet, had that very precaution been
made, there would never have been the risk of an outbreak in Texas, or now
in NYC–with the infected riding a fucking subway hours before for the love
of christ.

Europa Lives says:

How can someone successfully quarantine themselves socializing with friends
at a fucking bowling alley as well as the other day to day average Joe
activities he did. Jesus fucking Christ TYT *facepalm* (I’m an atheist btw)
Why are a bunch of Marxists against temporary restricted travel to a
disease ridden shit hole that others the world nothing but good charity

Superior 666 says:

Why do people think that the only alternative is to completely ban flight
from the infected countries? Just stop tourist flights, allow all the aid
and doctors you want.

Neta Manor says:

Defiantly Quarantine, or just send them back. If you go to infected areas,
just stay there until this is over. 

iluvsoulmusic says:

Only just noticed how much she says ‘right’ at the end of almost every

Michael Seo says:

I don’t think you idiots realize how fucking scary Ebola can be…..read a
fucking book…
Mandatory quarantines will lead to wars?,?? What??

lukus black says:

Is anyone else’s bullshit alarm going off? We’ve known about ebola for
what, 40 years? In all that time it’s never entered the states, so far as
we know. Now in a single month, it’s happened *twice*? I’m really not the
conspiracy theory type, but… Give me a break, they’ve even got these guys
thinking about quarantine. How long until normally rational people start
believing that closing the borders is a good thing?

This reeks of intent.

Angryconsumernerd says:

Anyone who disagrees with a 21 day mandatory quarantine is a complete idiot
. You are comparing Ebola to HIV ? Ebola is 300x more contagious than HIV
…HIV has been treatable since the 90’s …Magic Johnson has at it for 20+
years …Ebola …you get it and you have a 50% chance to die and that’s
with amazing treatment. Ebola has the potential to kill 100’s of millions
..HIV yes is terrible but if you get it than you are a stupid mother fucker
who did not wrap your dick up or you are a drug addict using used needles
so fuck you …You can get Ebola just from someone sneezing on a bus …

Dex Luther says:

Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin landed on the moon. They were quarantined,
and turned out fine.

I don’t see what’s so wrong about it. Even the voluntary quarantines, I
don’t see what’s so hard about it. These people having contact with known
ebola cases and are supposed to be voluntarily quarantined. If they don’t
follow the quarantine and go about living their lives like the nurses and
doctor did, then they aren’t heroes. They are criminals.

I get that it’s not contagious until symptoms show up, but how severe are
these symptoms? I agree that this thing is being over hyped and dramatized.
I doubt the symptoms hit you like a freight train though, so someone could
be walking around with a slight fever that they ignore/don’t really feel
and be contagious.

devilmikey00 says:

Honestly this doesn’t sound that crazy to me. The complete travel ban was
stupid but this sounds pretty darn reasonable. I’m sorry if it’s
inconvenient for the doctors/soldiers to be shut out for an extra 3 weeks
but you are interacting with people who have a very serious and contagious
illness, it’s not an unreasonable request. Maybe we could compensate these
great and brave people for there humanitarian service during the quarantine

ruidean72 says:

TYT… you are idiots. When one of you catch the Ebola virus, what will be
your excuse then?

TheRiiiight says:

Be prepared for the Ebola winter wonderland. It is actually airborne in
cold dry air, aka North America in fall and winter time.

EthanJM says:

The 21 day quarantine actually makes sense. You accidentally give someone
ebola there is a very good chance they die and or accidentally spread it to
even more people.

robertmike57 says:

ok Cenk, I have a science education in this field, what everyone is missing
& not explaining is that 1. have a single ebola in your body is not enough
to be contagious, you have to have a certain pathogen load for that to
happen (TB is perhaps the only pathogen that has a threshold of 1
bacterium) and 2. there are at least 2 tests which can show if someone is
infected with ebola and before they are contagious.

Which makes for a simple solution: twice daily tests and quarantine IF
there is a positive test.

slowloadr says:

jesus christ, desi is so fucking hot

B1ik3h2o says:

This guy was wondering around nyc. We need to quarantine the whole city.

Kazak23 says:

Conservatives never saw a closed border they didn’t lurve.

Danny Puran says:

Ebola IS air-borne, it’s being carried by people to all regions of the
world via airports. On the other hand, it is extremely hard to infect
yourself with Ebola via bodily fluid, unless you’re retarded…or African
but then I repeat myself.

PacificCircle1 says:

They can serve the 3 week quarantine period in Africa, working outside the
hot zone; lots of health needs over there. Ebola needs more than a
voluntary, leaky firewall; it needs a definitive ‘YOU SHALL NOT PASS!

GamersGamer says:

Woah.. Clicked on this when it when it said 2 views.. I feel proud. 

QuartuvLarry says:

Fear of a plague is the #1 easiest way to impose a tyranny.
By the way, isn’t it interesting that an epidemic JUST SO HAPPENS to break
out around the same general time period as the world defaulting on the
dollar and creating a worldwide economic crash? Yesssssss, yes it IS

jason666king . says:

So what is the Con position here? We just play fast and loose with a
communicable disease? Even if it IS weakly communicable, it still has
risks. Shouldn’t policy be designed to minimize risk?

william miller says:

I have a difficult time accepting that even John is this stupid.

Corpse Party says:

We get it Cenk, you have a nice watch. No need to cut your sleeves and move
your hands around so much to show it off.

Ryan Cooper says:

No fucking way, not with this fucked up government would i want them to
have the power to put people in mandatory quarantine. They already have
taken a massive shit on the constitution just imagine how this law could be
abused. Ebola is not so dangerous that it is going to wipe us all out. It
needs to spread by bodily fluids and even when it does with our medical
system we have a really good chance of surviving. It is not nearly a large
enough threat to warrant this kind of government control.

the82spartans says:

The women on the left is cray-cray. 

Che1ck says:

u scared bro?

Mark Bradley says:

TYT: The only thing you have to fear is racism and economic inequality, pay
no attention to Ebola or economic collapse…just racism and economic

Idiodyssey87 says:

TYT is unapologetically scientifically illiterate.

thewp187 says:

The 21 day monitoring could be beneficial. A complete travel ban would just
make the situation worse.

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