BUSTED! Formaldehyde DUMPED in Liberian Water Wells Causing Ebola-like Symptoms

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This is absolutely MASSIVE – PLEASE SHARE!!! Formaldehyde in Water Allegedly Causing Ebola-like Symptoms http://www.liberianobserver.com/security/breaking-fo…


Elizabeth M says:

what does it take to stop these psychopaths? #Liberia #Formaldehyde
#genocide #crimesagainsthumanity #psychopaths

peekay22 says:

Good work Jeff

Ill Will says:

I don’t think it’s gonna be ebol(ie) that kills people it’s gonna be this
vaccine. Its a form of population control. Georgia Guidestones said
500,000,000 should live on earth. We all know that monument was created by
the elites. This is what they want so they created this fake pandemic in
order to roll out this vaccine which will be the thing that kills people. 

justinwoolee says:

Yep =)> Ebola Blood Diamonds & Oil

Pat McRotch says:

I have to disagree with you on this one. I think you’re wrong man. How did
Nina Pham get poisoned by it then???
So let me get this straight, your theory goes like this: Ebola is totally
fake and doesn’t exist. The government is poisoning people with
formaldehyde and claiming it to be Ebola so they can shoot people up with a
killer vaccine in order to take over the world? As a truther myself, I hate
to say it but you my friend have totally lost touch with reality. You need
a break man, you’re becoming mentally unhealthy.

Shieena Living Waters says:

http://www.trust.org/item/20141014174835-lcuzt/?source=dpagetopic WHO to
declare Nigeria and Senegal Ebola Free. And in other parts of Africa- WHO
reports they need to educate Africans who are refusing treatment and are
angry “Young men stand around the Red Cross car with sticks and scream
that you’re not welcome, and there’ll be trouble,” Poncin told Thomson
Reuters Foundation. Maybe we should be taking the hint from the African’s
themselves? If there is no cure for ebola then how is it possible that 75%
of the alleged patients in the FIRST epicenter, in Guinea, of the outbreak
have recovered (Bloomberg, July 29, 2014)? Haven’t figured out the angle?
Money. I am working on the video. Oh what I have found.

P MCC says:

The people of Liberia have been trying to tell us this. But MSM portrays
them as poor uneducated people who know no better and can’t help
themselves. And we sit back and watch how they have to use clothing and
signs in The ENGLISH LANGUAGE to tell those “uneducated”people who “LIVE”
there and are actually experiencing and seeing
what’s going on, that EBOLA IS REAL! How fucked up is that? Im with the
people of Liberia, I haven’t seen “Ebola”there or here either. It’s suppose
to be real because “someone” (tptb,Msm) says so? Would if I told you I was
of a royal blood line? Do you believe me? I haven’t given you any cause to
distrust me. But you would say I was untruthful. Or is because you don’t
know me?You know tptb and msm lie. Why do you trust them? They have a
history. I am not from royalty. But you get my point. Trust the people of
Liberia.. They are living it. Peace

justinwoolee says:

Yep =)> Ebola Blood Diamonds & Oil

Eve Rodriguez says:

added to favorites to show people.

Joris Truthseeker says:

Yo +freeradiorevolution JEFF man, this Observer article is from Augsust 2,
2014, please check the date correctly :-)

berniebernstein1 says:

Hmmmmm….. What group of people has been accused throughout history of
poisoning wells? Any guesses people?

MrRyan2314 says:

Soooo, when will someone go test the water to see if it’s true. I can go
onto a plane and say i have a bomb-.. does it mean i do? No, they will
check to see if this is true, which so far they haven’t done. So wait until
they actually TEST the water before assuming shit like that. Plus if the
Government is behind it, then who’s to say that the Government isn’t
monitoring the media and paying media sources to spread fake this stuff?

Nick Nolte says:

its very believable, the idea is pretty spectacular, but doesn’t mean its
not true. certainly the date of the article- (assuming these things can’t
be rejigged, which they probably can)..is in februrary- long before the
ebola talk..BUT, the newspaper is not well reknowned (this can also be a
good thing, granted), but the text has a glaring spelling mistake… and
the terms “alleged” and “reportedly” spring up too often, there are no
pictures either, or witnesses that can be verified..I still think the
concept is believable in light of how various western world governments
have acted over the years.. perhaps the article is a red herring, but there
is a truth out there to be found

RealityHijacked says:

David Icke linked to this video on his website and posted it on his daily
headlines yesterday on the 18th. This is about the 4th video or yours that
I’ve seen him post on his site in the last few months. Just thought you
might be interested. You’re doing some great work on this whole ebola

wingsonmyback1 says:

Coming soon to a city near you. Even though Americans know vaccines case
Autism they still line up to vaccinate their children same will be true
with ebola vaccines. Americans believe everything the news and government
tells them without question, how sad.

Elizabeth M says:

well if they can’t get away with sticking people with needles filled with
it in their vaccines, they found another route to put it in their bodies

Presence TARIKA says:

I’m always suspicious of highly publicized “outbreaks” or events that
instill fear and offer a “cure”/treatment or severe action plan, based on
addressing the fear and insecurity generated – most often through
mainstream media. With overpopulation issues, we’re likely to see more of
these “barbaric” acts. Since Selenium and Backing Soda (Bicarbonate),
Colloidal Silver, among other things have far-reaching impact on combating
viruses such as Ebola, it is imperative that we educate ourselves and
cross-reference everything; especially for those impacted & share it with
them! More importantly to learn to listen and follow our intuition.
My prayers go out to all those impacted. May they find the truth,
information and resources needed to address Ebola authentically. Moreover,
I am sending light towards all of us finding and accessing a wisdom and
guidance system that eradicates the effectiveness of such propaganda; real
or imagined.

Margo Singery says:

GREAT information to know here!!! And to think…..people who are suppose
to be health care workers are helping the evil one’s push this agenda!!!!!!
Hang them all…..and hang them high!! 

jleetxgirl says:

These people go beyond “Just following orders”. They need to be
exterminated, since they have demonstrated they have no love of their
fellow man/woman/child nor any morals. 

Lex says:

Formaldehyde also common in comets and asteroids. 1347.

jacquline promenade says:

Your ebola videos dont even show up under videos also you can read a
liberian guys testimony of whats really going on at jimstonefreelance.com i
just read it, very articulate

Elizabeth Wilcol says:

OMG! those freaks should be killed… the globalists are doing this…

seany says:

Wasn’t the Red Cross doing dirty deeds in Russia way back in the beginning
of communist days? Or they were the go between the people
(Zionist-type)that started the Russian revolution and their friends in

Paul Von Tyrant says:

Formaldehyde DUMPED in Liberian Water Wells Causing Ebola-like Symptoms

Negroes Awake says:

Has anybody else noticed the total absence of anybody from the so called
Ebola affected countries on youtube or internet?

it is likely that their access to the internet has been blocked

Makeme cummer says:

False, doesn’t explain how the nurse treating the man who contracted it in
Africa, also got got your ” fake ” Ebola. You are a idiot. Go to west
Africa and bring your own water and then hug a man who’s sweating.

Ricardo Teixeira says:

look men i like your channel, you talk things well most of the times, and
even tough i believe ebola is a lie we gota admit that the nwo is cleaning
up the retards. Just look at how fucking stupid these animals are. They are
helping their own people geting killed by accepting to dump shit in wells,
or by vacinating while infecting at the same time. The NWO are made of
inteligent human beings and they know that if it wasn’t this retard who
would accpet money to infest the rest then another retard would do it.
Their solution? Just kill em all 😀 +1 NWO

Giselle Wilding says:

If you think this is crazy and cannot happen just talk to me.

Marcel Aguilar Garcia says:

Hi +freeradiorevolution ,

As I mention before, thanks a lot for your videos, that’s a great work.

I have been doing some research that could be interesting, mainly numbers
and one video I have put at the end, that I am sure you could make lot of
fun of it:

New York Times was estimating that ebola could reach 1.4 million infected
by the end of december:


On today’s date, the World Health Organization (WHO) has estimated a total
of 8,914 infected.

I know we can’t even confirm that number, but we can prove that it is
actually much lower, as in its webpage WHO is uploading situation reports
in a weekly basis, in order to see the number of infected people for ebola:


If you read these articles you will see that the number taken there takes
into account “Confirmed” ebola cases + “Possible” ebola cases.

Unfortunately, right now, any person with fever can be taken as “possible”
ebola case, because of Obama’s polytic and some other stuff around there.
Even I am sure that that 16 people in Quarantena in Spain were taken as
“possible” ebola cases just because of the fact that they had been in
contact with the supposed infected nurse.

Right now, they have lower that number to 10,000 infected people / week by
December. As obviously was too much to say and now after seeing the first
month it wouldn’t make sense anymore:


In that worse scenario that would give a total of 80,000 infected people by
the end of December (which we already know it is not going to happen 😉 ),
summing up with the people already infectat that reaches to about 90,000
people. Not reaching even 9% of that first New York times prediction.

Also, it is nice to see how the gave that “international emergency”, even
we just have three cases of people that “got infected” outside Africa. (Of
course, let’s call it an international emergency to make everyone mad
around the world ;)), but now we are having news as “Ebola Outbreak in
Spain could end by October 27th”:


I know all that thing is bullshit, I am just telling all these facts as
that also prove how much media is manipulating us.

About the reasons, it is well known that the government would be happy to
have the population under control, and many other things which might not be
that easy to see.

But I found obvious that one of these reasons could be for money, making
huge benefits to some important investors in different parts of the world.

If you are interested about that for one of your videos, I made some
research on that, even I could not spent too much time there are some facts
that are pretty interesting.

One of this companies is called Tekmira, pharmaceutical company.

So, it is obvious that this company shares price and ebola virus are highly

I would say people is even “investing” in ebola fear, instead of buying
shares of the company.

Well, here comes the facts, you could buy shares of Tekmira (TKMR symbol in
nasdaq), by the price of 19.15$/share the 15th of September of 2014. In
barely half month, the shares raised up until its maximum of 29.53$/share.

That’s something really incredible and difficult to see when investing in
the exchange stock market. I am not saying this pharmaceutic was behind
everything, as I don’t think that at all.

But all the investors, that had bought shares before that, were getting
amazing benefits. Of course these people do not care about ebola at all, so
the investors started to sell their shares to take all their money, and
making them going down until 23.60$/share. That means, lots of investors
had to see to make that share go down that fast.

Also, I have already put that video in your “general” comments of your
channel, which you might be interested to see as it can’t be more false,
one guy infected by ebola escaping from hospital as he is “hungry” :) :

Video: Ebola patient escapes quarantine, spreads panic in Monrovia (Liberia)
Video: Ebola patient escapes quarantine, spreads panic in Monrovia (Liberia)

That’s it! Sorry for the long post and thanks again

juuonse says:

I guess “source criticism” is a dead concept nowadays.

Your basing your argument on a news article published by a “newspaper” you
know nothing about. The article itself is based on hearsay and claims made
by an unnamed person or persons. Seriously, get your head out of your ass
because your spitting out ridiculous amounts of shit.

Susan Vaughn says:

What if they do it to us? What if the tell us its Ebola and they poision a
city water supply with something contagous. God help us. What if they do it
to us.

Chrs Dalton says:

Did T.E.D. poison the Dallas nurse with formaldehyde? African news papers
can not be trusted. People in Africa are very dumbed down and have been
under attack for a long time. They believe in many conspiracy theories. No
one put formaldehyde into the Dallas nurse or the one in Spain. Ebola is
real, The flu is real along with the common cold. Viruses exist just like
the NWO. Are they using this crisis and allowing it to spread yes, but it
is not fake and it a real danger. That is why other nations have closed
travel from West Africa. You have stared too long into the abyss Jeff. Just
buy a ticket to Liberia and kiss a woman with “formaldehyde” poisoning and
you should be just fine…That will prove us wrong. I look forward to
seeing this, that is the most simple way to prove you are right. Stop
talking and put your money where your mouth is…

Killa Cam says:

What blows my mind is how come we all are not getting together as one like
other countries have an ripping the powers that be outta office an putting
them on trial for war crimes an treason the time is now to come together an
stan up to them an take back our country an our world from these evil
May everyone who has suffered be blessed an everyone who is blind open
their eyes stay safe an be cautious people 

lrn2swim says:

This article you are showing is not from Tuesday, Oct 14th. That’s you day
you were looking at it. The story was actually posted on Saturday, August
2nd. If you are going to try to inform people of the truth of what’s
really happening out there, at least attempt to double check what you are
saying. Might help lend some credibility to your arguments.

mbthedude2 says:

It’s no conicidence that this outbreak started at the same time as Utopia
was running on TV. We know how these psycopaths have to inform us of each
evil sick act they perform. This fake pandemic will be simply caused by the
vaccination that they will try and force people to take. To coin Nancy
Reagan “Just say NO”

Leisa Irwin says:

Sounds plausible-but is formaldwhyde a powder? just wondering and too lazy
to go look right now.
Thumbs up. Keep reporting it’s getting out there.

MisterPudd says:

1) http://www.cdc.gov/vhf/ebola/symptoms/
2) http://www.rightdiagnosis.com/f/formaldehyde_poisoning/symptoms.htm
Pls stop. Just pls. Hell even if you say “oh thats cdc, they are just
spouting bs” and ignore all the symptoms listed. The one main difference
between the two is that ebola causes a FEVER and formaline exposure doesnt.
You need help dude.

88msbugsy says:

Bill Gates…..

SlackerSlayer says:

Instead of chasing the red cross or others with vaccines away, they should
keep them, and stick them with one of their own doses to see what happens.

DanDgaming says:

These people are sick I hate them and also would love to do a collab
podcast with you exposing these people for who they are please get back to

drewzillasaurusrex says:

I’m not sure but that probably qualifies as crimes against humanity. 

MrBrouwerPower says:

Do you even question your resources? This is just stupid.

Nancy Tolbert says:

How can you poison with this an then think that you can reuse the organs??
Wouldn’t that destroy the organs??

Triesa Pitts says:

Sierra Leone has come out and reported that people are being cured of
ebolie over there this report makes me feel a little weary about what the
people are being cured of over there is it ebolie or formalehyde.poisoning.

DIGIVOXJ23 says:

Awesome Jeff!!

yeahyeah ajrdjb says:

The date of the actual article seems to be “Sat, 08/02/2014″… it seems
they arrange their date in the US way so it’s the second of August. Makes
ever more sense really. p.s. brilliant work frr

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