Border Crisis: Ebola

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cckby2005 says:

Just so everyone knows, the guy playing "Chris Cabrera" is a known trained crisis actor. He can be found giving eye witness accounts of the Sandy Hook shooting and the Boston Bombing. WAKE UP! There is no such thing as ebola, this is a government attempt to enforce a police state which starts with the locking down of the borders just like North Korea. As soon as the borders close you are all slaves to the government!

StephenHenryIII says:

They are not immigrants they are illegal aliens as well as criminals. 

winston smith says:

One question?what race is Illegal aliens ???cccccccc All races fools.

winston smith says:

This is Racist =this White supremacist ///Err What Hes Latin American /ERR ?
It must be fake,ITs still racist  -Signed Obama admin …..shucks Holocaust…..err im going to the Golf coarse bar ………….burrrrp,cant figure it…

jlwftl says:

One good thing is that the illegals here could get it as well VIVA MEXICO 

jlwftl says:

This is why we have immigration  laws ILLEGALS 

give me youtube 2008 btichz says:

Cant hear, what happen to audio ?

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