Blood, Bats and Ebola! History of Infection #18

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This time we are looking at the history of Ebola. Link to photos of the 2000 Ebola outbreak. History of …


Isaac Schmitt says:

With all that is going on in Africa perhaps this video deserves an update.
When I search ebola on youtube all I see is crazy conspiracy theorists
raving about the government. You always make good videos because you know
your stuff and seem to enjoy it, so it would be good to have someone of
your description combat the misinformation. Videos like yours are really
great for young people interested in science, keep up the good work!

S'an says:

You’re videos are are so much fun! Thanks.

James Trevino says:

GJ you sir have earned a sub.

Jay Smith says:

Have you done a video on ERV’s yet?

OneSidedEquilibria says:

Awesome video

Jay Smith says:

Awesome, keep up the great videos!

The Gentleman Physicist says:

Stories like this help restore some faith in humanity.

joe worm says:

Well, I’ve watched every video in this series to date. I really look
forward to more. Thank you for producing such informative and intriguing

NebulousFound says:

I was hoping you’d give a nod to Peter Piot, the co-discoverer of Ebola.
Met him once or twice during my studies at LSHTM, where he is director.
Lovely guy, didn’t see him around much though, he’s a bit too important to
be chatting with lowly post-grads such as myself!

DaithiDublin says:

I rarely do this, but before I even watch the video I’ve paused it on the
intro the say I’m tingling with excitement right now. I love this series,
James! …and it didn’t disappoint! Excellent video and well linked, as

2thinkcritically says:

Thank you, Jim, for another excellent video. You, Sally, Alex and Myles are
the crown jewels of the Internet :)

ThatOneGamer97 says:

I love how you actually explain HOW the virus kills you, like my biology
teacher couldn’t produce an answer, I mean yes viruses invade your cells,
and yes they replace DNA, but how does a specific virus actually produce
the symptoms.

Sally Le Page says:

Yey, the series is back! I really liked your storytelling in this one, even
if it is a story involving an awful lot of death!

Mentisia says:

“a bat cold” hehehe

embyrr922 says:

Ebola is quite possibly the most terrifying thing ever. All it would take
is for one infected person to visit an airport, and suddenly a huge
fraction of the human population dies horribly. Nightmare fuel. On less
chill-inducing topics, I just found your channel through the video you did
with Myles; this is some great stuff, you’ve gained a new subscriber. :)

NebulousFound says:

Yeah I totally agree, he was only just out of medschool at that point so he
would have been the fresh faced post-doc I imagine. No not yet but its in
my amazon shopping basket waiting until I finish my thesis! A few of my
mates read it and said he has had an extraordinary career and well worth a

falchion49 says:

Another great vid.

PwnySlaystation01 says:

I love this series.

WildwoodClaire1 says:

Terrifying disease!

JimTheEvo says:

Thank you.

JimTheEvo says:

I always feel bad about these sorts of things as I’m sure you’d agree that
most of the people behind discoveries are the post docs and post grads but
the PIs get most the credit. I guess it’s fair as they provide the money!
Have you read his book? I wasn’t able to get my hands on a cheap copy
before I made this episode.

unassumption says:

“Many of the deaths were the medical staff.” From this It sounds like there
would’ve been a lot less deaths if Lukwiya had just let his staff leave. It
sounds like karma that a guy who got sick because he inspired him to keep
working after he wanted to quit, got him sick. He was very selfless but
there’s a thin line between selflessness and stupidity and I’m unsure what
side he was on =/

shpongle23 says:

I love this series. Awesome content – the tangential stuff is great. Screw
staying on topic. Interesting is interesting.

Nai61a says:

Fascinating, as usual.

JimTheEvo says:

Not yet but one is on the list of future videos.

DunstilBrejik says:

The amount I learn from you…

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