BLACK BEAR NEWS 7.17.19 Ebola Outbreak Reaches Major City in Congo

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Ebola Outbreak Reaches Major City in Congo, Renewing Calls for Emergency Order

Evidence for man-made global warming hits ‘gold standard’: scientists

Fed. Judge Shoots Down Mueller Report Finding

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Jeremy Jimenez says:

It reaches Uganda. And man, Goma has got it rough. First the Rwandan genocide militia taking over, then civil war, then a volcanic eruption that demolishes the city (half the homes their are actually built out of lava rocks – using what nature gives) and now Ebola! I spent a few days there in 2016 – lovely people.

Renee Michel says:

I find it very interesting how Ebola and A.I.D.S. began in Africa, only are cured or mitigated with Western pharma, and creates a fear or stigma against people from Africa. In addition, if you read the literature, there is the necessity for governments to purchase weapons to control the population so they do not spread the disease, and to force them to take vaccines. What this has to do with climate change? Central Africa possesses 90+% of the world’s cadmium and other rare minerals and metals needed to make batteries and other electronics. Again, I pointed out the information about the Chinese Belt and Road Initiative in which the Chinese have signed on many African countries. BTW several more U.S. tourists have died in the Dominican Republic. Again, connect the dots to the BRI. Yes, Iran has signed the BRI. The U.S., China, and Russia are locked in a struggle over world resources because of the climate crisis.

Voidisyinyang Voidisyinyang says:

TDS is an acronym for
Trump Derangement Syndrome, a term applied to people who express deep
loathing and fear of President Donald Trump." Watch out for the fascist goons taking over the interwebs – throwing down their TDS slogan.

Voidisyinyang Voidisyinyang says:

1957 Sun Ra he made his whole Arkestra live in the same house and be vegetarian – Old Green Deal commune style

Black Crow says:

Panic when it reaches Mombassa (Kenya). Goma has an airport but it's not very well connected. Mombassa is a seaport. Biggest one in Kenya. I ran this simulation for Ebola (making use of a game believe it or not) Chances are from Mombassa it spreads to India, China, Saudi Arabia. Once a virus reaches Saudi Arabia it's all hands on deck. Major Major airport with many connections all over the world. It's like the spider in the web.

Voidisyinyang Voidisyinyang says:

Flow versus Grit how to deal with abrupt global warming eco-apocalypse via Wim Hof

Cheryl Hewitt says:

Check out what Ray McGovern has to say about all of this.

Cornholio says:

Wildfire rages through biosphere reserve in Mexico

Voidisyinyang Voidisyinyang says:

Here is the latest DeNile-Ist response – (now imagine this SAME response for YEARS and realize we are doomed!!):

Sorry homes, but "debunked by the conjecture" doesnt really quite cut
it – like I said – wait till all the perverted Bankster money is out of
Climate Science – by then, we'll if Dr Zharkova is correct or not, and
right around then is when the discussions will begin about putting the
conjecture to bed once and for all. 


The ONE legitimate criticism was the methods used, making it a sort of
black box…..but hey, black boxes are ok and acceptable when they help
nudge things for the conjecture, like when its NASA GISS or something
modeling the arctic or antarctic completely wacked we're talking about,
Those black boxes are ok because James Hansen is beyond reproach and is
a steadfast soldier for the cause, and he'd never ever do anything
untoward like try to convince the public that the Sun is not the primary driver of the climate system


AGW Climate Conjecture began a long time ago and the majority of the
efforts are geared towards "we werent wrong this whole time" at this
point – with so much assumption baked into an incomplete model,
comparing reality to the fantasy…lol….yeah, when the fantasy is all
their is, of course its easy to say "this doesnt agree with the
conjecture – DEBUNKED!"  Which is all Pal Review has done for 25-30 years running.  Perverted Bankster money makes men do wacky things they otherwise wouldnt.


I've known for the entirety of the last 4 climate threads I'm dealing
with a zealot that absolutely will not be convinced the conjecture is
false no matter what, and I'll bet a hundred bucks I'll be sitting here
after Dr Zharkova is being proven correct more and more to the point of
the model being generally accepted and you'll still be sitting here
talking about your experience you had in 2000 and how we're really all
doomed, just wait its gonna happen – one of the polynyas out there is
bigger than last year – see, ice coming back is crazy, its lowest ever
still!  Its gonna be ice free any year now!!!


Maybe if Dr Zharkova's model is correct and the sun picks back up around 2600   
But once again a model's predictions that are driven by a third order
trace gas…hahahaha….yeah, we just dont see people actually putting
their own money on those bets, we only see progressive politicians putting the public's money on it. 
(or billionaires that have already done their suckling.)  Revealing
once again that AGW is not really about science, it is about Banksters
keeping Plebes down.

support line says:

New Ebola comes right in time to not have empathy take a look at plundered east-congo . Disgust factor kills it, apart narrative christianization and charity in „war-economies“ unintended empathy of psychopath competition.
The link minerals and ebola is not new, we need to name those schemes of crisis-pseudoattention once and for all, that legitimate hospital narrative instead sacred lands healing by authenticity (like or ).

I heard Trump sent troops to protect Congo elections, I’m sure that alone violated some frameworks. Old apparatus intact under new president means what, who spied for Joseph Kabila on opposition?
While EU development ministers tour the congo to license “handcraft” mines, Red Cross reported 1,500 dead per day in last decade. 10 million dead since outbreak of war (1996 invasion not officially 1998). Deep and deeper the industry-mines that you never see on TV and are owned by ? or MONUC, oh, MONUSCO?! What’s behind professional help?!
Rwanda’s success story. You want a (frankophone) source that Kabila Jr. was actually a Tusti, installed as Congolese President to allow Dan Gertler into all mining operations in eastern Congo? Check at min 16:00.

Here goes the Trump-Lubawich-Gertler “shithole” and “desert-wall” pathology, stepping over his game’s line if profitable. Pseudo-nonaristocratic situation worsening, puppet Trump stressing inclusive worker-class but as African American Nationalists realized that old ghetto residents are the new, while j..s had moved out. Only that they in US normally help chase the dictatorial.

Ask Dr Tony Martin about the Haiti case (origins of zombies) of 6-8 years work-to-death slavelabour for „only“ 400 years, a fear which same actors now use to connotate migrants.

OwlNation Legal says:

The Russia thing, money laundering, hooker pee, Putin puppets, Hillary's emails, DNC emails blah blah is a Nat's ass question compared to "Is voting hacked by GOP muggers throwing out voters and votes?", which Greg Palast describes, which is yet another spider butt's question (bigger and badder than a Nat), compared to the biatch elephant in the room "Will we eat this winter and if so, will it be our neighbors?" which is big, but barely an elephant butt compared to the whopper of a whale's dick question under a full moon in summer with Sarah Spout in heat; "Will earth fry even faster than I thought? Aka, with 111F scorching the east coast will the west coast see 125F by October within 5 miles of the ocean? If so those on shore winds are going to howl by day and offshore at night, and the final question becomes "Can you "cook" your meals on your front lawn in a simple cast iron pot, no turkey bag required?" and if in an hour or 2 its well done under the sun it may be your last meal.

Jaygo says:

America was NEVER meant to last.. It's ONLY purpose was to Beat the world into submission and Drag it into this Modern./new/ Progressive Ideology which is Hedonism and Chaos and anarchy. and 1 World ystem, understanding, Ideology and Belief.. Destroy Old systems to amalgamate the world into the 1 system. That task has happened, America is No longer needed and MUST be destroyed to bring about the Next phase. It will happen, 100% without a shadow of a doubt. America has served it's purpose, and is and Will be utterly broken from the Inside. literally shattered and Obliterated from the outside until Not even a bug will survive the great holocaust/sacrifice that will be made of her to bring in and initiate the next phase. Those who Believed in America as a Country, Nation or whatever they were deceived to believe it is/was. well they'll either accept reality or Die. no acceptions no negotiation,

Forest Dweller says:

Well spoken sir! Our minds should examine. Then examine more!

OwlNation Legal says:

Yes its possible even likely email crime was a DNC conjob, howeved transfer speed to suck 500 accounts 5 years of data is no problem; its my specialty. Who cares? East Coast servers will be gone after the heatwave…maybe Trump too.

OwlNation Legal says:

I heard 111F from Kansas to Boston. Good thing NYC ConEd never goes down or millions (170M in heatwave region) die in hours and West Coasters will be stuck with just a few survivors in Maine til L.A. hits 125F in Sep/Oct.

Forest Dweller says:

I am just reading about this Ebola reaching Goma. A Catholic priest ignored the risk and brought it there is what is being said. Uganda has cases too apparently. I share your feeling…is this climate related? Probably not but worth mentioning. The other news here today is all about Trump attacking the coloured folks. I'm pretty sure that is not climate related. About time you Americans get rid of this idiot lol :)

Jaygo says:

Ebola comes from vaccines.. those who take it deserve death.

Dave Hendricks says:

Many women wish trump had ‘pulled out’.

Dave Hendricks says:

Mentioned this was gonna become a problem a month ago.

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