“Bill Gates And CDC Own Ebola Vaccine Patent”

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The CDC, NIH and Bill Gates own the Patents on existing Ebola and related Vaccines http://www.paulbegleyprophecy.com also http://h.churchapp.mobi/paulbegleyprophecy also http://endtimeheadlines.org/breaking-news/sierra-leone-government-account-1000-ebola-patients-missing-dead-country/ also http://www.thecommonsenseshow.com/2014/09/17/the-cdc-nih-bill-gates-own-the-patents-on-existing-ebola-related-vaccines-mandatory-vaccinations-are-near/


Billy Shields says:

Bill Gates will not be around very much longer. Poor guy he went on the wrong side. All that money he can spend in hell.

Antonio espinosa says:

la vacuna lla la tenian antes de que se manifestara la enfermedad, prueba que al vaccunar al los africanos en Ginea contra las otras enfermedades a los pasientes se le manifiesta el Ebola, el que dice que para reducer el calentamiento global es nesesario controlar y reducir la poblacion mundial para disminuir las emisiones de CO2, Bill gates es peor que hitler por que tiene aprariencia de piedad pero es asecino 

Harry King II says:

It was created by man to kill off those that are not needed anymore.  That fact is look at where it originated and HIV and many others.  The elite only want the resources and could careless about the population.

loyallisa3 says:

Watch the T.V. news and chug a beer every time they say EBOLA.

Jen WILL says:

Thanks for the information.  I am glad that you mentioned faith and God as some say a person is paranoid.  The bible says that my people are destroyed for lack of knowledge

sooner Last says:

Bill Gates molest the kids off Africa and spreads Ebola to them

mr hart says:

Here is the link to the patent, filed 6 years ago, awarded 4 years ago and the patent is not owned by Bill Gates. A simple google search reveals that.


Stephanie S says:

http://www.cdc.gov/vhf/ebola/outbreaks/2014-west-africa/qa-experimental-treatments.html  "NIH is also supporting the Crucell biopharmaceutical company in its development of an Ebola/Marburg vaccine as well as Profectus Biosciences in its development of an Ebola vaccine. Additionally, NIH and the Thomas Jefferson University are collaborating to develop a candidate Ebola vaccine based on the established rabies vaccine."  Did a scientist watch the movie 28 Days later?  This whole thing is wonky. 

Bea Trendy says:

Correction. Ebola has not claimed 6000 lives. A s of now, it's less than 4000.

The Grind says:

Maybe he owns the patent to make sure that if a cure comes out he can insure its cheap to make and it can be given for free. So maybe the CDC and bill gates own the patent to make sure other don't profit from it. 

Honestly guys like you have been saying the end is near for the past 13 years. 

It seems like your trying to push faith with fear. I mean your whole video is about fear and then yousay give you life to jesus. 

How about you make a video about your love for jesus and don't use hate and fear to drive the views. 

Michele Travis says:

The vaccine won't work.  Ebola mutates. The vaccine they give you, is basically worse then the disease. Well, if it belong to Bill Hates,   Opps,  I meant Gates

AnticipatedDay says:

Its a simple scenario really. The NWO have long considered the people (Black) of Africa as irrelavant, wasting / consuming or controlling resources they want for their own ultimate long term survival and global control. Thats why AIDS has been left ravaging Africa when it has been treatable for years. GATES has also been popping over to Africa to give them his polio vaccines which have been linked to many deaths and deformities in new born / children etc

Two whites (Im white) contracted ebola, were flown back to America and treated with ZMAPP the vacine and have survived. A Nigerian flys to Dallas with it and is not treated with this vaccine. I think he will die and will suffer character assassination as the person who bought the virus and transmitted it to the US Populus.

GATES will get to choose who gets the vaccination, maybe I will be able to afford it for my family and I but the moment Im connected to my anti NWO order beliefs perhaps I also will be refused. He profits from the patent and can have a hand in world depopulation as per his agenda 21 beliefs, can choose who he wants to live and at the same time can specifically target groups and people by refusing treatment for people whose will not bow to the NWO

reevideo says:

Can you please post a link or reference or citation of a source to where you got the info that he owns the patent to an Ebola vaccine? Thanks.

Charles Hays says:

So you would rather a for profit organization have the patent? The cdc gets these patents in order to block corporations from getting them who would block others from research.

Jerome khan says:

this fuckker went from designning oporating systems to dabbling in Ebola and other shit 

Jeremy Li says:

Saved from what Paul? All my life I've seen christian believers struggle, getting sick, dying, etc. just like everyone else. Even in my own family. No difference between one who believes and one who doesn't. None at all. So, if in this life you've not getting the essentials from God how can you be certain that by believing the fantasies of the bible you go to heaven? And why would anyone who read ALL the bible, at least once, believe that, when Revelation 21 says that God is coming to Earth and he will dwell with men. So, since believers are gone to heaven with Jesus, only the nonbelievers would be left. It I take it literally, it looks like God has no problem with that.
Are all believers drunk with the spirits or what. Wake up you foolish one, there is no such thing.
The Earth, even your body, is a prison, and you are told in the NT that you will not get out of this prison until you pay the last penny. Watch Evidence of Reincarnation on youtube and you better believe that unless you know yourself you will be born again! Going to heaven, God coming to Earth to live here…..these stories are all symbolic and if you are able to think past the next thought you can easily see that.
Wake up.

GMS Rouse Him Up says:

his own are the israelites so called blacks, latinos and native americans 

David Brainerd says:

Bill and Melinda Gates, and Henry Kissenger are the ones who are spreading Ebola in Africa. Their efforts at depopulating the third world via crippling vaccines is behind it.

Nicki Lecuyer says:

Billy Gates has served his purpose. He made the internet. He can disappear from public view now. He has nothing else useful to give us.

wingsonmyback1 says:

if it could be patented it means it can be contained. How did it get out unless it was wanted to get out. I do believe there are some very rich that want to cut down the population. They should be held accountable for murder

wingsonmyback1 says:

sure looks like an evil smile

draconIs says:

Bill looks happy to kill you all!!! Lol

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