Ben Mankiewicz has Ebola Fever!

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Ben Mankiewicz rants about the recent Ebola disease that has been spreading throughout the world.

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Edited by Gilbert Zirrakyan


joseph fletcher says:

"who talks like that Apart from poorly written movie villains & Vladimir Putin", Your future President did.

TCt83067695 says:

wow. such reprehensible humans

PaX MalombellA says:


Papa Woody says:

Ben deserves a show separate from those sycophantic, blithering Gigglegirls in the background. Instead of reading this expecting the morons to laugh, read it straight, and let US decide if something is funny.

specore says:

Great vid Ben!

ssuuppeerrbbooyy says:

2:25 Pewtin?

Jennifer Rodriguez says:

Love Ben Mank!

Darren Groves says:

Ben m. Is a funny bastard

MTheory77 says:

still doesn't make any sense to bring them back here.  I'm pretty sure we could have treated them in Africa.

andiamoci22 says:

get rid of the artificial laughing in the background.

Lambieschmoo says:

The CDC has been prepared for Ebola for years. Of course Ann Coulter and Donald Trump are going to use this to promote their own agendas. Great piece, Ben!

Ryan Swanson says:

I like to start my day with ebola Frosted Flakes. They're great!

Jacob99 says:

America lol

Corey Corona says:

Jimmy Dore is the SHEEEIIT….

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