Beach Road Paved In Case Of Puna Evacuation (May 18, 2018)

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Ivan Olsen says:

shouldn't the witch doctor have "blessed" the road instead…lol

Audrey Smith says:

Thank u for paving and making evacuation safer! Thank q furr yur hard working responders.eye yam sorry that sum are upset by road.eye sincerely hope we " visitors" will not disturb the magical wonder of this sacred area! Eye hope it works out in everyone best interest afterall! Let us all be happy with progress, even if it is sad 2 see one of last tamed areas paved.Mother Gai iz making new ground as we speak! Be kind 2 her native families and release relief funds for projects such as this, and remember, the relief teams needed a way out as well!

derek starkjr says:

Pele Give ,Pele Take . Growing and Breathing is Way of Life on Earth. Stay Safe Neighbors ,Kauai is Watching and Talking Story with Stay Safe. Mite be good time 2 visit relatives ya.

Alikakm says:

haole guy, 🤙 shaka. Wat you said, not even locals do that. brada, jus say howzit! 🤙 😂

Dianne Hensley says:

Thank you Russell.

Tha_Monsta88 says:

So half the island is a bunch of tree huggers

Oyster Cracker says:

Looks good! Probably even better than some of the roads in Pennsylvania!

Libery One says:

Funny how a "Senator" was against the paving NOW all of a sudden he's for it. typical CON pol.

fran merrigan says:

Heard the poo poo ka ka pee pee roads were still open? Hope so.

HappyQuails says:

What is the name of the woman who is speaking around the 2 minute point? :)

Cassie Ching says:

Why are there so many white people there? Mahalo for educating the white people about the ahupua'a that they are occupying.

southern stingray2 says:

Looks to me that every vid that comes out of Hawaii re volcano,there's the same people,15 to 20 of them that have a hangup with either Authority or USArmy ,that vote the video a thumbs down,grow up n act your age,idiots

Jeff Bingaman says:

Guy at :58 could drive that road blindfolded.
Because he knew all the bumps.

With the new asphalt, he'd hit trees and stuff. Just my prediction…😐

The dog at 1:42 loves the road.

Everybody is standing on the shoulder except the dog.

They should call it the black devil snake beauty destroying road now…only in Hawaiian

Jennifer S says:

Hawaiians are great..always laughing!!

Tom Andrejko says:

Lefties on steroids !! Hawaiian people are why to funny !

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