Battalion of 800 Sierra Leone Soldiers Placed Under Ebola Quarantine!

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Close A battalion of 800 Sierra Leone soldiers awaiting deployment as peacekeepers in Somalia has been placed in quarantine aft…



DAHBOO77 Greetings from Australia, President Obama will send as many
Troops OUT of the USA as he can. The Troops will get “cut off ”
and “stranded” oversea’s in countries around the world OUTSIDE
of the USA . The USA will be easy to invade with most of its
Troops NOT HOME to defend itself. Hitler in World War 2 did
something similar were he would NOT let about 100000 (one hundred
thousand) German Troops to retreat from the City of Stalingrad. What
happened? The German Troops were surrounded and trapped and captured
OUTSIDE of Germany, the German Troops could NOT get back to Germany to
defend itself from being INVADED by Troops from other countries. If
You go on YouTube and type in “sgt major dan page” , He is saying that
Russian troops are secretly being massed in mexico for a USA INVASION.
Hitler and President Obama were guided by the “Roman Catholic JESUITS ”
, Have a good day , keep up the good work and ‘ eyes open’. 


What about the update for the Xenex Robot that kills Ebola in Minutes? You
were one of the first to report it. Afterwards another online news channel
reported it, then the CEO of Xenex gave an interview talking about how it
kills Ebola in Minutes, yet NOBODY is talking about it, even though Morris
Miller, the CEO of Xenex says over UCLA, Stanford, and 200 hospitals have
the Robot and it works.

Has everybody’s life been threatened or something? How do you explain this
when people in Africa are being quarrantined and dying over Ebola which
allegedly can be killed in minutes? How do you explain that?

Hailey Heels says:

EbolaGate: US Marines Being Used as Patsies As Elite Activate Next Stage of
Flu-to-Coup Plan

changethecurrent says:

Ebullshit strikes again, alert alert Ebullshit strike again………….

DAHBOO77 says:

Battalion of 800 #SierraLeone Soldiers Placed Under #Ebola Quarantine!

ronjr1177 says:


Moya Montgomery says:

Smells like medical experimentation to me.

mysteryman123able says:

i would not want to be a family member of any of these us troops when
they return

jeradt1983 says:

This is a demonic disease brought about through occultismconjuring of
devils. You could wear a full body airtight condom with sealed air system
and still get it. Blood of Christ cover me He’ll separate His people from
the plagues, as done in Egypt I believe 

624TG says:

What about the isis solders? how do they not get it?

seedubyu says:

Rich in Gold and Diamonds….Yeah, so why cant Africa spend money on
looking after Africa? I am in England, and our country is yet again
spending hundreds of millions of £££’s on Africa. At the same time old
people in England need looking after properly. Well as far as I am
concerned you primitive lot in Africa who are living in self perpetuated
filth and squalor can all get Ebola and die, you deserve it, its your fault
that Ebola exists. You should all be Napalmed.

Mark Espinola says:

The liberal network media is censoring so much of the truthful news
concerning the man-made Ebola plague.
Published on 14 Oct 2014
A battalion of 800 Sierra Leone soldiers awaiting deployment as
peacekeepers in Somalia has been placed in quarantine after one of its
members tested positive for the deadly Ebola virus, military officials said
on Tuesday.

The soldiers were due to relieve the West African nation’s contingent
already deployed with Somalia’s African Union peacekeeping mission, known
as AMISOM. They are now expected to be subject to a 21-day isolation

Hailey Heels says:

I never thought I her myself say this, but, “I HATE THIS EFFIN COUNTRY AND
and their families/children! Hey OBAMA – KARMA’S A BITCH – BITCH! 

Griffin Walker says:

Respond without sharing on Google and I will give you 5 articles that
explains why…

Patricia Chavers says:

You have no heart. And anyone who goes into Africa to loot or harm the gods
of Africa are awaken bad will not let that happen.

cory92284 . says:

Is that not what BIOLOGICAL WARFARE is all about?

AzureSkies555 says:

Not good. How will they be able to defend their country from western

Brian Thompson says:

The 3000 101st will be out of the game. Thats not good

Chris Grear says:

I heard there were 1400 Liberian soldiers under quarantine too! Are they
doing this so US and European troops can come in and take over everything?I
think so.

tbaransky says:

Multi pronged attack from the elites. Wonder what’s in West Africa that
they’re so interested in getting their greedy hands on? I’m guessing they
found oil in the region….

HIFI man says:

Let those bata lions roar against Ebola.

Dsi1ver says:

maybe there are zombies there, thats why they need an army? dont let
terrorists get there hands on the disease?


AzureSkies555 says:

Someone gets tested positive (how can they prove that! ha!) what a way to
take down an army… grrr

Marie Tarr says:

Must have been a Jesuit priest kamikaze….

niels ravnsborg says:

ONE, just one of the ebola goals is to take the us military out

lookcloser123 says:

1*800 & *800 there’s the number 8 again.

Bigg Phill says:

Bless you has a whole new meaning

jeradt1983 says:

Last thought though, why not send Ebola fighters against al shabab and Al
qaida? As they eat their flesh and drink their blood, this muslim problem
could be cured in a year as the radical satanists drink the ebola that
their own occultism brought forth

Richard Walker says:

Thank you dahboo

tavana123 says:

The Ebola virus was made by Paula Deen. In the atmosphere it causes people
of African origin to get sexually attracted to monkeys. These people get by
fucking the same monkey that they consume. 

RibbitHopX says:

The last story involved a Muslim man, not a priest.

sirknightcape says:

yeah tell them that your Government..

Children of the Firstborn says:
tavana123 says:

Fuck Sierra Leon Fuck them all. just blast an H bomb and finish them all.
Fuck these monkey fucker and then eaters. Fuck them all.

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