Barack Obama addresses the Ebola outbreak

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Barack Obama has addressed the nation on the Ebola outbreak, discussing the realities of the disease and how the world needs to come together. Report by Simon Longden.

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Carlos Inda says:

11 ebola cases during Obama Presidency, fox news "He's doing a terrible job and we're going to die."
Almost a million cases of covid 19 during Trump Presidency, fox news "Greatest President Ever and he's doing a great job. The covid 19 is a hoax."

Merilyn Pimentel says:

America take for granted a great leader .

charlie Saenz says:

trump doesn't care about anything just his billions and billions and billions and billions billions billions billions billions billions billions billions dollars

annavedo says:

This is how a president is supposed to sound. He/She should be a leader for ALL the people, not just those from his own party. I hate the orange pile of excrement currently staining the Oval Office. says:

Is this job worth it? look at how old this man has gotten.

PandaLivesMatter says:

Worse than Bush

AmazighRydah says:

Ladies And Gentle Men…  Barack Ebola .  '' Clap Clap Clap Clap… "

Nathan Masters says:

Obama looks high, his eyes look weird 

blakeyonthebuses says:

Thanks for that Obama, I feel safer all ready!

broly says:

Im glad he issued this statement. I feel so much better now . Everybody hates on this man for no reason. He has done so much more to help this country than any other president before him . I got healthcare now and a peace of mind . Thanks obama. I wish you could have a 3rd term . I would vote for you again. .. yes we can

JazZzZzer says:

Thank you Obama!

Cody Morgan says:

Look how much he moves his head around to take attention away from his eyes reading the teleprompter.

coinadian says:

In other words,
"We have to get boots on the ground, to resume the diamond exports from Sierra Leone. Ebola is manufactured, and Boko Haram didn`t work too well.
Thanks folks for listening to my BS".
Nuff said. 

rustyankle says:

Can't wait til he is out of office

Hill Bill says:

Obama should hug an infected ebola patient with a tempure of 99.5. Let see how that turns out.

2Pac Music says:

Fucking liar !!!

Rodd Wayne says:

How is it possible the americans elected this thing TWICE?

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